Unstable factors included to love Shanghai Xiangjie

because I love Shanghai search every time you will see your address, always exchange is bad for you, the same frequent revision is not good, you want to go if you always do not know the way, then you will go smoothly, go fast? Is this to love Shanghai, go shun your station in your things also included soon, to change to change, the last thing all can not, of course, will not included stable.

5. security issues>

1. look at your site if there is more sensitive domestic text

Chinese about the rules, etiquette, speak form. Love Shanghai will also consider these things, for example: you stand with the W3C? The title of your custom? There is no keyword stuffing ah, described meets the page content, etc……. In fact, this is a love, Shanghai update algorithm should be supported. This is consistent with the development of the website.

loves Shanghai as we all know, China search engine boss mody. Of course, since it is the eldest temper is not small, the domestic telecom, what are the state oil monopoly industry, which of course that the boss said what is love, Shanghai is no exception! Take love Shanghai included it, the new general attitude is not paid much attention, the review period is very long, usually let you hurry out a sweat, the old station, if your standing flow is too high, then start the examination, re examination, if do it in advertising, or PPC, that is to say, if not, just sorry, the first drop right, and then pull the hair, if the audit person for you the station is biased, you sorry site:0. I may say the ultra point, love the sea angry, love Shanghai also contributed to the update algorithm of network development, I also depend on you for dinner, you also don’t worry, Beijing Shanghai dragon summarizes some experience to share with you, hoping to help you solve the love sea beenincluded instability problems.


3. website content

2. sites to meet the standard of

The quality of

because I love Shanghai is the search engine, according to the law China some words, words are not allowed to appear, such as: the illegal, even on the 2008.8.8 will name is not allowed, it appeared after you. And you must record, and against the people of this text, must be China search engine that more attention.

4. don’t frequent change of space and the revision of the

if your station is a collection of articles, no original things, then you have to consider. Love Shanghai integral algorithm, if the original and 1 points, the collection will be reduced 2 points, you think this is what consequences? Would you say my station is the main content, which is the original time so many articles? Here I want to tell you, you can change it, before 200 tampering with the change of the title word, what, love Shanghai after all not carefully look at not a word, pseudo original is original

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