Look at the marketing Links ripe without deliberately constructed near distance

finally to the core remind you webmaster exchange links, exchange links to complement it must be related to the basis, we can see a lot of Links in the A5 forum here, but these Links are almost always with the head of the word, to be able to communicate with users and users to transfer between the sample the Links exchange, and the search engine in the link is to make the site a chain to form cross behavior, so the author here to tell you webmaster friends: let your website really win the trust of the search engine, then we in exchange Links the most.

QQ group and pops up a message, a closer look at the Links information exchange. The information in the QQ group, the forum has become a It is quite common for things, but webmaster friends do you have carefully thought about this approach is correct, shortly before the love of Shanghai also announced some aspects about the link of the announcement, deliberate build links may be regarded as cheating, in the face of such a situation webmaster friends if you’re crazy about exchange links

, and one to one communication is the best way, I have three sites at present, these three sites are Links by friends or friends of friends are introduced. The establishment of however, safety and security for a long time.

When we exchange Links the best use of the search engine spiders can’t grab the local link to open the

webmaster friends when Links exchange exchange method is best to take one to one, love Shanghai combat link problem, in fact, should be hit many to one with high on a problem, some common site in order to enhance the quality of the site to buy high quality links, so that from the outside to bring the weight too high the site itself quality is not high, love Shanghai will certainly fight this behavior, so the author suggests that no matter what type of site are not overlook in plus other links to exchange links, do not think the cheap or hidden links way to reach your destination, so may be considered cheating web site.

exchange Links does not need to deliberately build several webmaster friends in the conversation if you are interested in establishing a chain or the same industry friends interested in building a chain, the chain is the real friends of the chain, but also the only way the chain will be accepted by the search engine, many owners have to ask how to construct a Links? The author detailed talk.

?In fact, the

first when we construct Links must remember not to link the platform to exchange links, link platform to slow Links will encounter several problems: 1 there are some criminals will communicate with you by your website information, and finally achieve some purpose is not to be divulged, 2 search engine spiders now very clever, think through the open exchange of links is not normal Links, 3 is released. The website platform will cause out of high rate in link exchange.


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