How to use GA to share data as the guide to do scientific optimization of Shanghai Dragon

to refine the traffic sources

Shanghai dragon cannot do without website statistics and analysis tools in these statistical tools, the most professional is GA, its function is more powerful, and very professional, basically can be analyzed from different latitude sites, it and the noble baby Webmaster Tools Tools collectively known as the two major weapon Shanghai Longfeng, some for large web sites, basically use the two tools combined with the use of. Below, starting from the actual work experience, talk about what we can dig out valuable data from GA.

in the GA inside, Google put up a website in the top one thousand most popular search query number, web page display number, and the number of clicks on the show, we can simply click the data to calculate the overall rate of a website, but also can be a word to be hit, so as to know what words the click rate is high, can also be fundamental to count page hits, so you can optimize the page, when a page hits promotion, website traffic will improve.

we can set certain filtering rules, the statistics of each directory in the web site traffic, and traffic sources can probably count under the keywords, the proportion of them see >


especially for the electricity supplier website, to GA can set goals, for example, can set a goal is when the user clicks on the purchase confirmation page, even if a transaction, when the user put the things into the shopping cart is another target, when the user in the product page stay three minutes is a goal that can probably know what is a website conversion rate, and we can also see each subdivision traffic, conversion rate is the number of traffic sources, which is low, which is high, so as to adjust the marketing strategy.

2, the conversion rate of

can set the rules to calculate each characteristic of URL flow

owners are more concerned about the web site collected data, but included many does not mean more traffic, we should care more is included in the site, which is not only included, but also at least through the search engine to flow through the page, this page in the analysis tool of Google has been given out also, is the site of the landing page, rather than included, the landing page is more important than, we should not only pay attention to the number of landing page, but also pay attention to the user experience, the conversion rate of ratio than the landing page number included, compared more reference value, for example this month landing page the data more than last month, your progress in the aspects of Shanghai dragon website. But many users are browsing through the landing page down again, so be sure to take the optimization of the landing page, or to browse guide guide direct transaction.

The landing page 1 of the website,

3, click on the search query optimization through the whole website


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