ndustrial products ranked at home has been half a year or why not profitable


now many products will stand on website set up an online ordering system, so that users can in the first time online, improve the user experience, but also improve the conversion rate of the site. But many industrial products stand and not too much attention and optimize their site under a single system, causing the system to open slowly, the delay time of the user. Therefore, to create a convenient and powerful single is imperative thing. The author suggested that you can find some industrial products stationmaster network company tailor-made with a single site system, try to make the system more powerful orders.


One reason:

two: do not attach importance to the construction of the website landing page

single system is not convenient, not powerful enough

(2) in addition to the landing page appearance, we should also add some user-friendly shopping on the landing page on text links, such as "the purchase" and "the order" and so on, so as to enhance the user’s desire to buy.

website landing page, it means the user to open the site was first display page, the page’s main function is to guide the user to browse this website or shopping products, so that the role can not be ignored. The website on the hand although it has done the landing page, but did not pay attention to the optimization of the landing page, just casually put up, unable to play its true role. So, how to optimize the website landing page to promote the website

with the advent of electronic commerce, many industrial products are moved to online sales, a big cake in an attempt to seize the Internet market. In order to make their products more website display in front of users, many factories will be implemented in Shanghai or Shanghai to get the Dragon love for home page ranking, improve site traffic. In general speaking, website traffic in front of the rankings should get more traffic and profitability, but the author of an industrial products on the stand will encounter such an embarrassing situation: the home page for more than half a year, the profit is not ideal. This is what reason creates? Here I come to you and simply analyze it.

(1) landing page to have personality, outstanding website products. The landing page does not require how gorgeous, very bright, but it is important to note that the outstanding website products, like the following:

three: website too much text information, lack of product pictures and products


page is simple, but it is good to highlight the website main products, all industrial products station should learn and imitate.

This profit?

web site is a web site of the spirit "

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