Let the new website how to quickly share the experience of being included in the search engine

three: the establishment of the new site, the website is frequently renamed period, this time must be calm, do not think that the choice is wrong, even if it is wrong, it should be in the wrong, the next web operation, continuous improvement, slowly change, if the new site just online. Change the keywords, frequent domain name, will lead to a search engine can not timely release, often placed in the sandbox for more detailed observations, it may be released, so in terms of time will be longer

has recently built a website, through my own efforts, in three days I started to search engine included the content on the website, perhaps this is not the fastest record included, believe than those who need two weeks, three weeks before they can be included in the website, but also is quicker. So here is to share their experience in

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: combined with the theme of the site to find some hot words, of course, should pay attention to screening too hot, too hot, you will make this new site submerged in the ocean, the search engine will notice you, only those unfamiliar words and heat is the key we’re looking for the search for keywords that will put these words together, put it on your website, then the content of the site optimization, to ensure the accuracy of the chain, at the same time to give the website set 404 dead link prompts, always in search engine friendly operation to

new station on the line, certainly not passively waiting for the search engine included, but take the initiative to scratch the itch to search the twin engine, so that it can quickly let the search engines

for the love of Shanghai and Google, included in the site speed is not the same, Google is the fastest, so here we focus on is how to enhance the love of Shanghai to the railway station in Shanghai will love speed, usually included a new station to the sandbox to fully release the need for three weeks, if the promotion of good. This time can be shortened, according to my understanding, the powerful webmaster can in one day to let love Shanghai included, of course I have no such records, but we believe that in my experience, through appropriate innovation, maybe you can break the records of another unknown

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two: according to the META website, the page layout optimization, and we should pay attention to update the content, high quality, can’t is a simple collection, and then offered to entrance to their sites submitted to the search engine, and try to do some of the same type of chain, if not find some high weight the website is a chain, no, so money is worth it, after all, this can be one good way to quickly help sites included! Furthermore, search engines will continue according to user changes, so when you learn from others of the Shanghai dragon optimization technology, but also with your own advantage thus, targeted, so that it can improve the friendliness of search engine

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