Shanghai Longfeng salvation the production of nternet content


1, I defined the real content of

keyword is true to the real content of two words, it is not necessarily because of the quality of the content, quality content is not necessarily true. This is my last article is to rise to the level of ethical reasoning reason.

after the release of this article, the number of days are ranked in the "Forbes" popular articles list, a time Mottaki, received a lot of user’s comments.

I think, in order to link to other production content is not real, it is false. If the production of content just to improve other content in the noble baby rankings, then it is not true false. Dedicated to "feed" baby robot to improve the reverse link of noble rank production content may not be high quality and true.

, the core idea of the real content of mode of production


this article will discuss three topics:

2, the enterprise how to produce the real content of

I totally agree with this point.

in these comments, content writing and marketing staff agreed to my article. DELL computer identity view in my article, I expressed my thanks to. Adam is said to be cursed me. The baby has not made any response to the nobility. Those who claim to be experts Shanghai Longfeng people almost agree with my final conclusion. Through their reply messages and the contents of self identify who is the real master of Shanghai dragon. We reached a final point is that now the station, inside and outside the Shanghai dragon optimization will more than ever more important (according to the best practice method to produce content, so that there will be a higher ranking nobility baby).

the real content of the definition of

we don’t know is that.

real content refers to specially designed to provide direct value to the content of the Internet experience. Real text, video, audio, pictures, charts and other forms of information content.

who have not read the whole people are still struggling in the beginning of the article I put forward tangled argument. I tried to explain to them. But some people have this problem up to the moral ethics, comment and private email and I continue to discuss. One kind of reply interesting to me, some people think that to long-term production of a real content for business owners the cost is too high.

Beijing on August 5th news, according to foreign media reports, "Forbes" has been published before marketing expert Ken · (Ken Krogue); Kroger analysis of the "Shanghai dragon" popular social real-time content is dead, he pointed out that the search engine optimization in the traditional sense of the paper (Shanghai Phoenix) has been out of date, in Shanghai dragon after the transformation of industry, has been to social networking, real-time content of popular time.

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