Poly search marketing CEO ruthling for small and medium sized enterprises in 2017 Shanghai dragon vi


banner map, field service, office environment, (certificate of "don’t forget to add watermark, certificate, trademark), clear address, the successful case of

2, free of charge through the marketing company reputation and product

[don’t forget to bring your own web site, can drive the Shanghai dragon and keywords to guide customers to the official website of

hello to the end of 2016, presumably many marketing people are very familiar with Shanghai Longfeng practices, but in recent years the Shanghai dragon becomes difficult, there are many reasons for the switch, the number is more, we discuss the enterprise how to start from the Shanghai dragon today, analysis in recent years Shanghai Longfeng common practices with the new marketing tactics; 2017 to meet the new challenges of marketing.

1, can be designed to highlight the strength of the company’s website (don’t forget the cloth dragon Shanghai keywords)

Aiming at the problem of The status quo of small enterprises:

and so on!

I suggest:

3, website design good word-of-mouth marketing


ranking is very impressive!4, the new

can be in love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, Sina, etc. ask their question and answer quiz platform, marketing (difficult, delete, serious) make up


B2B mass information (company name + name + product + region and field) keywords free combination; the official Sina micro-blog & view blog, professional forums, Post Bar, love Shanghai encyclopedia, clients use some professional solutions and within the industry, improve the visibility of their own company (in the Internet brand exposure).


solutions: optimize your company’s brand from the Internet search results, a small company! Also require packaging, once the customer response "customer sales to sign the bill, when talking about the customer, the customer in the network search in addition to customers is not what the company’s official website information, no customer sales take down the list, this phenomenon also shows the importance of" the company’s own internet marketing

in recent years, small enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng /SEM ROI is still relatively difficult recruitment of personnel is not stable, staffing problems, more and more difficult, from most of the customers know that Shanghai dragon /SEM difficult, SEM bidding promotion expenses basically stopped, said SEM had no effect on SEM, the bidding price is getting high, small the enterprise also slowly stopped, and two, so as to go uphill and, half stopped, did not see the data of things, what is more (may not really understand Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon) to optimize the key outsourcing company (as long as the industry, this practice subject) in a few enterprises, in order to solve this problem in the following I give some answers, hope to help small and medium-sized enterprises, even entrepreneurial company


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