Several key details of Shanghai ER should pay attention to the dragon

believe that dream weaving standing optimization friends very much, my own is the dream weaving a station, with nearly 3 years of the program, you can know, can not be said to be familiar with, ha ha! Some time ago for a long time for a new station, on-line soon found that some of the details the problem of optimization, these details are enough to make us suffocate.

note: I use the 5.6 version of the 5.7 did not test, do not know if there is no repair. We can love Shanghai to find a solution, it will not turn to me.

tag tag in the first place? The reason is that, not long ago, I prepared a site optimization, templates and procedures, including the continued before adding "bottoming" article, almost spent nearly 4 months before the official website will be on-line. Thought the re examination, no matter what procedures and code on the issue. How, in the view of a web log, found that Google spider frantically grab similar to: 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/tags? /xxxxxx/-251/, this page, think of me, sure tag page has problems.

I had done a lot of dream weaving station, did not use the tag tag, so I never found this loophole. Before doing the station, usually about 1 months, from Google can bring some steady flow, but this has been more than 1 months, every day from Google over the flow of the great damage very little, visible carelessness brought.

open tag list page to see, it really is, when in the first page, the "page" link to the -1 page, and into first pages. Then the -1 page "on the page" link is the -2 page, which means that the spider will fall into the endless cycle of repeated pages among. Shanghai love open search, found this is the dream weaving program design bug, immediately get rid of. To get rid of the 5 days, I found that there are still many spiders did not react, still climbing those negative pages, then gradually to "escape from the nightmare".

2, URL (unified key index 6)


1, tag tags (key index 8)

opens the list page, usually we will list page set to 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/xxx/ this link, on page second, you will find the links on a page "and" home "and the number" 1 "is 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/xxx/list_x_1.html, there is a link, it is 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/xxx/index.html the URL will appear. That is to say, the same page appeared 3 URL forms, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, will cause serious weight dispersion, called weight >

Why did

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