Shanghai the industry will exist for long

see the night dream early morning, the title of the article – "Shanghai dragon in this industry will exist?" my friends will be very surprised. There are a lot of people questioned me, or even directly used to the fact that the early morning to night dream show problems, search for "Shanghai dragon" in love with the sea, we can see the search results more than 65000000


search results for everyone is a very positive information, because the network search results can reflect an industry heat, night dream early morning don’t oppose this view, but the early morning night dream also have different ideas, to listen to the idea of night dream early morning? Then continue look down.

and Shanghai dragon origin, we have to understand is that Americans are summed up and spread the Shanghai dragon, they use Shanghai dragon through the noble baby operation of the project, many people Chinese or even heard of this concept. What time Chinese Shanghai Longfeng generated? This is a good question to answer, China Shanghai dragon was born in the largest Chinese search engine after the birth, after the birth of "love Shanghai". In fact, now the domestic Shanghai dragon ancestor, many of them are to go abroad, some Shanghai Longfeng method brought back from abroad and then applies it in the "Baidu" on the body. After that, a lot of people by Shanghai dragon by Baidu earn a lot of money, even more to imagine, as in the end is >

Just tell you about

(search engine optimization) originated from the United States, why originated in the United States, the search engine to contact the nobility baby to explain. The world economic center in recent 50 years in the west, the network is also skilled in western developed countries, especially in countries like the United states. At first it just as a network to find information, chat a tool to expand your social circle and now we like a lot of people around the use of love in Shanghai, of course, when China love was born in Shanghai. Network development faster and faster, a sharp rise in the number of net, when many people began to sit still, they think there are so many people on the network, then I can through the network to make money? Based on this idea, they began the long process of exploration. The Shanghai dragon production, we have to thank those who know how to network technology people, of course, this is something. Through the exploration, they clear the noble baby such a big search engine is developed, since it is the human development, it must have some rules, certainly in line with some of the algorithms, as long as clear some algorithm, you can use search engines to do a big business through the network. Through these exchanges later on the search engine to understand people, and finally summed up the Shanghai dragon knowledge and spread.

Shanghai dragon


in search results in the noble baby has reached 226000000

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