Shanghai dragon should do well in the station optimization is the key to the new step by step

, a good website title and description

I think my friends this website the biggest characteristic is to have a very clear navigation, it is a Home Furnishing industry, the column and the content is very extensive, but the classification is very clear, the breadcrumb navigation play the most incisive, such as his Home Furnishing jewelry into the carpet / cushion / curtain / bead curtain / / mosquito screen curtain / sofa / Home Furnishing ornaments, and then further detailed classification, into the future will not allow the user to lose direction, in which a column or next to which a page can be found quickly, which I think user experience is very good, and very conducive to the search engine spiders crawl.

title now is still a search engine to give high weight, a site title style has great influence on the traffic trend, new keywords should be placed according to their ability, generally just built new sites, should be less competition but keyword based, the correlation is very important; and the description is mainly to the user, a good description of guide users to click on the watch, description and keywords, personally think that is already on the search engine function no longer big, many webmaster even omit the two.

website optimization does have a clear strategy, step by step is a good way, early should do well in the station optimization, slowly to the hair outside the chain, the beginning does not need much, but to have the quality, can be in the high weight website chain will not be deleted, one day only a few enough, slowly, we should be with the weight of the website and then increase the construction of the chain, in short period should focus more on the content of the update site. As a new station where the station optimization do? I think it can be analyzed from four points:

three, the content is king, is the key to

a new content richness is very important for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng sure, just on the line should have a certain website content, or empty, is very poor for both search engines and user experience, so in the station is not perfect, as a new station we do not rush to the line, when the line the main, concentrate on the content of the update.

two, set a clear navigation

Shanghai dragon in addition to unremittingly, I think it is very important to optimize the technique, which is why a lot of people on the site outside the chain seems not how, but the optimization is very good, there is a friend in a new, 2 months to do flow more than 1000, make analysis I envy also secretly from his website, occasionally ask a lot, finally I realize that Shanghai dragon is really technology components, although hard working can make your site better, but also have to spend too much time and energy to deal with.

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