With shops and love Shanghai siege enterprise station long tail word

2, love Shanghai products ranked

a lot of enterprise products long tail word or keyword ranking page there are classified information platform or love Shanghai products, then we can do the two long tail word ranking to suppress the website of the long tail words flow, so as to bring order or flow.

for ranking the shops to do the promotion of soft, long tail word generally a popular day 5 click will be ranked in the top three. Love Shanghai library to upload the document and the document to promote users to click on the SkyDrive download. When do the shops of the long tail word can also give SkyDrive link chain, not only will not affect the collection will enhance SkyDrive document ranking.


1, ranking

Summary: all information platform

layout classification information platform and love Shanghai products in long term, ensure the home before we have three long tail word ranking. As long as the content is consistent with the content of the title, basically the word flow can be our monopoly.


platform, information platform, ranking with weight content richness and promotion, directly related to the title, click. So we have to first screening higher weight platform, and do the shops in the early. In the internal classification information platform to guide the flow into the shops, if VIP shops can push on the home page. Not VIP requires a daily updated information, advice and information released pictures of products.

and edit articles, select the long tail word. We screened long tail word to the possibility of a mean of several words, Never mind do not delete the long tail word means. The long tail of similar meaning we are going to the same article, then they will be released to a different platform. The classification of information platform for us to prepare at least 30, in order to ensure that at least one of the long tail word ranking.

most of the mechanical products or products of heavy industry tend to love Shanghai library or download and SkyDrive encyclopedia. In a point on the inside we dig the long tail word and the editor can be used as a library to upload content. Now love Shanghai SkyDrive download can be directly linked to the front page, and also ranked the top three or. Upload SkyDrive must remember as a public share, and the perfect match form and describe settings when setting the title.

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