User behavior Liu Jun web site keywords ranking

two, the search engine will collect data directly for ranking will have a lot of concerns


website is love will improve the user experience Guazaizuibian, want their website to use web users a better user experience, to let each own website users feel this website usability is very good. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng nature of the work are also included to enhance the site for the user, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun, Shanghai dragon in a websites for users at the same time, can effectively improve the site’s ranking, at the same time, the user displayed on the website of the behavior can be counterproductive in the ranking of the site. This is today want to talk to the topic about website ranking user behavior. The search engine has been in the study of user behavior, this behavior into the ranking algorithm, if a Shanghai Longfeng people ignore these, I believe will soon be eliminated by the modern Shanghai dragon industry.


search engine to spend so much manpower and material resources to promote this browser toolbar, the primary function of nature is hoping to expand market share, allowing users to use the search engine to search more than one entrance. In addition there is another important role, is an important method to collect and search engine user behavior data. For example, you install love Shanghai tools, every day you use the browser what website, which website stays in the long time, access to which pages, use what search engines what keywords, the browser will be recorded, and these data back to love Shanghai.

do not know how many friends pay attention to love Shanghai toolbar, the Google toolbar widget. Many search engines have developed such a tool, hope this plugin can become the user’s default browser plugins. In order to promote this plugin, the search engine has taken various means of integrating resource. If you install a software, the software will prompt you to install the tools such as Shanghai love, this is love Shanghai and the software cooperation. Or you buy a brand of home computer, open the browser will find Google toolbar has the default installed, this is because the computer and Google reached a strategic alliance brand.

generally, if the data collected for ranking, clever webmaster will find ways to take the cheating behavior to simulate these data to improve their website ranking. So the search engine user behavior data collected in the rankings have a lot of concerns. Google engineers have repeatedly stated that they will not use the Google toolbar to collect user data for the rankings, but in recent years, the user behavior influence more and more obvious phenomenon of the web site keywords ranking. Shanghai Longfeng staff need to pay attention to user behavior for Shanghai dragon ranking, believe that the next few years, user behavior accounts for the influence of the factors in the proportion will be higher.

three, the influence of the specific

, a search engine to collect user behavior information in

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