The website of Shanghai Longfeng foreign chain of some hidden content

!First, let’s talk about the forum The

chain, only through the anchor to join web site optimization in other website links. It sounds easy, but it is not quite the same, there really is a lot of road. The first us about the chain of the main ways, forum, soft, friendly chain, business chain, and even black chain

then we say soft wen. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng chain process, the soft has been my favorite way. Because not only can increase the chain, more important is to contribute an own strength for your internet. Some people will feel soft, too tired, find someone else to write. But I think this is just a psychological problem. The site of the station and there will be less to do some of their own experience and experience in the process of station. The so-called soft Wen.

. In Shanghai dragon early forum outside the chain is a good way, because the search engine is still not aware of the forum outside the chain volume, clear, that is either the original forum itself or search engines, are not aware of the forum can become a base outside the chain of flood. Do the forum people know that the forum is most afraid of Fillmore, these Fillmore like flies and mosquitoes like set up even if you get in by every opening, registered more questions, unless you prohibit the registration, registration or otherwise they will appear in your forum. However, these eighty or ninety per cent of the register is to send the chain, this shows the importance of the forum. But today, search engines and forums are aware of this problem, the forum itself is prohibited for novice users to use the anchor signature, even registered N days N hours before you can post and so on; in addition to the search engine for the forum outside the chain has been re calculation, which is why a lot of people only in the forum outside the chain, afterwards a few days later found that the surge in the chain, but a few days but a stop, cause a sharp drop in the chain. Because the chain is not your hair out even a chain, must be included in the search engine to be a regular chain. So, when the search engines, you outside of the chain will increase dramatically, but when the search engine is actually found myself included some meaningless contents, and the chain fell K, which is why the chain will be a sharp decline.

said this era is the webmaster era, a little too much. Since since the development of Internet, more and more people join the ranks of the webmaster. In fact, many owners do not know the first Shanghai dragon as it is, because at the time of the site (about 98 years) is too small. It is some personal website or hobby website there is similar to the SH of the portal. But today, the site is more and more, more and more intense competition, this time Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization search engine optimization) is more and more Adsense know. In fact, that is how to increase your website exposure problems. Regardless of the technique on restrictions and fetters did not say, today we focus on the Shanghai dragon foreign chain problems.

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