The planning methods on forum marketing summary

classification and promotion methods of the

said so much, that how to find the

: a method of monitoring competitors, in the love of Shanghai domain:www.***.co see their website is to do the promotion where, not necessarily forum, other ways can be used.

Forum promotion requires a combination of product positioning, clear they want to achieve what kind of effect. In fact, the role of the forum but only two: 1. for the site to bring more ip. 2. by leaving the chain, improve their website weight, is helpful to improve search engine rankings. But the actual promotion do this two very hard, because high browsing can bring the IP forum will not allow you to stay outside the chain, and can easily leave the chain forum posts always see a lot of people do not. So the promotion to combined with the nature of the forum to develop programs, then look down.

2. medium portal


1. large portal

How to find the

directly in the search keyword + "on love in Shanghai

like Sina, Sohu, NetEase, mop贵族宝贝, 19 buildings and other large portals have their own exclusive forum, high popularity, there will be hundreds of thousands of traffic every day. Each section of the forum are the moderator management alone outside the chain, with all the advertising message will be deleted. In this forum, we can write some small text, written when the attention of advertising information don’t too obvious, the webmaster or be spared. The topic can do long tail keywords, with the forum weight might soon be loved in Shanghai included, or explosive, attract eyeball. Finally, the signature to remember their website.

3. garbage forum

There are a lot of

forum to promote the

in general users’ eyes, only local entertainment forum, nothing to look at the post, to write something to express feelings, look for hot spots broke, and laugh. But for the Shanghai dragon friends may not be so simple, Shanghai dragon is a great concept, including technology and many station promotion work, a part of the forum is to promote the use of extrapolation, Forum promotion, can often achieve unexpected effect. The following is to explain in detail.

Methods: two

this kind of forum, forum is very full, traffic is not small, some weight, is an excellent choice with the chain. The forum posts for the quality requirements are not high (don’t have illegal crime on the line), so you can set the key word, then find the area to send one. The main purpose of doing so is to increase the chain, improve the site weight, but can not guarantee the traffic.

forum resources?

this kind of forum to do outside the chain, but is not recommended to do, because advertising everywhere, everywhere is garbage information, search engines will not love.


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