Those activities for money do love Shanghai

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two, mass information


loves Shanghai and other search engines like to encourage originality, support the original. Against the acquisition. But actually? (see below) love Shanghai to promote the acquisition software, do not.

is sending information to manufacturing Internet links the most serious nuisance. For example some of the rubbish site by sending a pseudo original blog forum bulk mail released to various websites mailbox. Is it in the garbage, the reader is taken, how much time is wasted, even cheat money. The Internet to clean, resist mass, encourage free communication. Love Shanghai surface mass boycott. But actually? (see below). Mass software extension in Shanghai has been covered with computer screen, the left and right are promotion link. The mass market is much, visible, Internet is still much rubbish. Visible, Shanghai for sending information to the attitude of love. The Internet garbage cannot do without love Shanghai "contribution".


site collection


is the actual situation, link still crazy for love, but the effect is very obvious in Shanghai. As long as you have the money to buy the link weight that is the lever up. If you fall in love with the sea really want to blow the link directly to the business link website K off, and then set the one-way chain is much larger than the K station, opened at the same time host link website platform. Estimation of many large websites in China, the news source station are finished. But the actual situation is not dare to do love Shanghai. (the following picture can click to enlarge)

recently Baidu series of convulsions, I also found a series of problems Baidu essence. Once a simple "simple, can depend on" (the core value concept of the love of Shanghai) Baidu more and more interests and metamorphism. More and more make me feel insecure and not to rely on. The Internet once again K station, Shanghai has been declared the love update algorithm, clean up the Internet garbage, rectify the Internet culture, anti cheating, anti acquisition, anti spam and so on. But they actually do what? Look at the screenshot below, You’ll see. love Shanghai is.him clean Internet or just as driven by the interests of a business firm. If Baidu has been the name of commercial money under the banner, these are not important, but also saying that everything for the user experience, for the sake of users. It was a bit hypocritical. Work and life, to be honest. Not before a man behind a set of.


love Shanghai surface against the purchase link, link the actual situation? You can have sex business extension in Shanghai. Third and there is a small plus, "added to the Shanghai home of love". This is not generally the website can have plus. In general only love Shanghai identity of the site will have (in my opinion).

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