Analysis of search engine marketing Gome focus search

these data to the United States great tip: in the short term promotion, can use different human attention and focus of the event information, accurate classification coverage, and achieve the best short-term marketing promotion effect. For example:


is the United States business model, there will be a lot of brands and marketing a single product, each brand or product for the consumer object is different. This is based on the current popular goods, analysis of user search keywords behind genzo marketing information, targeted marketing.


is the main focus of the search of dialysis consumer insight into marketing opportunities.

of the Internet and the rapid development, so that more consumers are used to buy appliances online before going to the search query, the search engine has become an important assistant audience to purchase decision, to extend the consumer purchase decision time, no doubt to the enterprise added more marketing challenges.

for most of the appliances interested users, mainly on the transfer of Gome generic version information


for the students in a family, the United States transfer the latest electronic digital products preferential information

the United States and Shanghai love the depth of cooperation, from the focus of search, search, search for integration of three parts, each part will be based on the analysis of Shanghai love directional precision advertising.


through the search index, Shanghai love love Shanghai guide to consumer search behavior insight, the United States found users search more is the search engine to find the brand information, product type, product price, and used to share between the purchase and use of the experience, there are some people in favor of digital products, video, or computer hardware text entertainment, online games and other social science and information. For >

today Feifei to the well-known brands of Gome Home appliances sales market as a case to explain the search engine marketing focus search. Gome soon realized that the power of the Internet, and leveraging the power of the ingenious marketing opportunities, and love of Shanghai carried out in-depth cooperation in three aspects, the perfect combination of achievement search marketing and brand marketing.

and his search related information, as shown in figure


consumers are more critical of home appliances to buy more and more products, style, prices are cheaper, customer service service projects to rich, often have the best promotion, promotions… This makes the home appliance market competition into the white hot stage, the sales channels between the brand marketing strategy also will be started.

innovative marketing in Shanghai search engine, is designed not only to greatly enhance the Gome brand exposure and attention, but also to deepen the United States in the popular brand influence, enhance brand competition optimization.

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