Love Shanghai news sources included Tim weapon real time push tools will be on the line

the training most of our attention content than the love of Shanghai is the quality of news resources launched. This tool can effectively solve the "new content has not been included," "love Shanghai included competing products not received their website", and "love Shanghai not included its own original content, but the website included plagiarism that several major problems plagued the site. The traditional web crawler is a new content waiting for love Shanghai grab, and real-time push the initiative will be delivered to the site once the hand, new content proactively pushed to love Shanghai, these elements will directly enter the screening to the index database analysis, greatly shorten the time to grab included. But it is worth noting that the push content directly determines the quality of on-line time, if the abuse of this tool will also bring negative effects to the site.

Real time push tool

know love Shanghai news source

now this tool is being carried out online, hope to participate in closed beta website please love Shanghai Webmaster Platform verify the site and improve contact, click on the URL for registration: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-16798-1-1.html

training site, students take.

June 26, 2015, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP auditorium "love Shanghai news source survival promotion version" lecture in Shanghai. This course increases the quality of news resources in real-time push tools, information site mobile and other new content in Beijing last year, the first to speak. To attract core information websites content of Oriental net, liberation network, Xinmin, Zhejiang online more than 50 around the city of Shanghai and the responsible person and the person in charge of technology.

good news resources in real-time push tools, not timely, not included to solve such problems as the original charge of plagiarism

training from "know love Shanghai news source", describes the love of Shanghai quality news source standard through the case, also introduced the Shanghai love punishment mechanism for the low quality of news sources, including a low quality draft multiple, and crudely made excessive optimization, and the first phase of the training provided to the short news, no accumulation the significance of rewriting etc.. What is the love of Shanghai "news source"? In other words, when the user search keywords with timeliness, in order to provide users with the latest search, the real dynamic, love Shanghai screened a number of news sites with attributes as seed sites, extract the strongest news channel as the first seed channel. Time included channel content, in order to meet the needs of users to search the timeliness of information. Love Shanghai news source through what channels show? One is love Shanghai news retrieval, the show is the most striking web search on the timeliness of Aladdin. At present, Shanghai love news sources included more than more than 10000 channels, relates to the site more than 4000, day diversion has already exceeded the million PV, to remove site exposure and flow out of genuine goods at a fair price, it is a symbol of the site credibility, authority, professionalism.

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