Not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng those things

the day before yesterday while I was chatting with a friend talked about the search engine rankings, he asked "I do your company search ranking?" I just answered it was okay. He said you look at me the front in "Baidu". So I began to praise him. "Good!" then I said, "your conversion rate" up? He did not speak for a long time. I know that I am in the company’s mission to Shanghai and not Shanghai dragon dragon, I want to do is to understand the customer from the customer’s point of view for the sake of customers, starting for the company’s mission, and to improve the keywords good natural ranking is very important, but the pursuit of the target flow can ultimately lead to "profit flow" for the company as in Shanghai dragon mission, otherwise it can only boast.

now many practitioners cannot have a correct cognition of Shanghai dragon, we also know that many practitioners are halfway decent self-taught, lack of professional training, with the rapid development of the Internet makes more and more online trading platform, we engaged in network marketing work has become increasingly recognized, and we want to know Shanghai the dragon is only part of the network marketing, when >

as 80 we have in the network to what kind of leadership that, in other words we engaged in Shanghai Longfeng workers should be from a new perspective to examine the potential of our users? The new era should have new ideas and new innovations to keep pace with the times, with the continuous development of the Internet and Internet users search habits are changing, not thinking remain in the original stage, so stagnant, one becomes stagnant waste in the manufacture of Internet makes contemptible. We do not like to go to school to the 500 ancestors left the knowledge to solve something in the future, now this is a new era of information explosion, we must learn to extrapolate the results, so we search engine optimization to grow into the future knowledge to solve future events at any time.

with the rapid development of the Internet China Internet users more and more, the new era of the Internet from 70 to 90 after the army tide even after 00 has been surfing the Internet in.

in Shanghai Longfeng work we all know "to" the two most important words, no matter what things are? Can the premise is our primary objectives must be clear. The previous simple modifications to the Title can play a good role, we are now in addition to the previous job, we must do well in the station information service quality, the overall structure of the site, the setting of URL, the distribution of keywords, outside the chain of construction work. Only in this way can we better improve the conversion rate, better meet customer needs and experience.

when you do promotion of a product without the explicit goal when only poles apart, often in vain, this is what we call the detour, not only a waste of time and money, and also take our precious energy.

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