Do Shanghai dragon Nofollow a misunderstanding and clever use

, that is to say, a single link of the PR value will not listen to this property nofollw. With links to nofollow, and the weight of text is not passed, but does not mean that the PR value is not passed to be dispersed to other links.

this concept I made from Shanghai dragon in Wenzhou network company, has been deeply buried in my mind, until at Matt Cutts (noble baby anti cheating group leader) a blog (of course is translated into Chinese after ~_~), and some cases are summed up, only to find the idea is wrong.

The concept of

what is the specific use? Before writing this paper, I understand and like many people, adding nofollow tag is to control the weight, not to the weight of the page where passed to the target page, so it is relatively increased the weight transfer to other pages.


nofollow was originally developed by the Google Corporation in 2005 was put forward, had proposed this label is mainly to explain the chain group to cope with increasingly rampant cheating, that is to say, as long as joined the nofollow label link, crawler will not crawl.

you like a web page (page1), the PR value is 10, at the same time, this page has 100 links, the average weight of each link can be obtained is 10/100=0.1. If the 50 links with nofollow tags, which broke the weights of the 50 link transmission weight will be 50 links to the rest of the theory is: 10/50=0.2, but in fact, the weight of each link is only 0.1, and did not pass because of the use of the nofollw tag and the PR value of the change.

(added that, because the vast majority of the mass of the chain is in the blog or forum, when someone posting messages and, through the platform itself program can be for users to post a link with nofollw tags, such mass on these platforms outside the chain, the search engine itself does not increase its corresponding grasp the workload, because the search engine found with nofollow tags, not crawling.

a target=" blank" href=" ABC" rel=" nofollow" > XXX



so we mistake in the end where is

in the formal entry into the theme, first introduced how to use this nofollow, believe that there is a part of Shanghai Longfeng friends use of the label do not understand:

give an example of the image:

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