Construction site enable secondary domain name is a blessing in double

domain name, is a necessary condition for composition of Web site, a good domain name is not only easy to remember, easy to read, Lenovo value "to the user, also can play the advantages of congenital weight richly endowed by nature in search engine rankings. However, quality is limited, the more it is registered first, therefore in the follow-up of a large number of construction site is not settle for a second choice is to buy hybrid rice, or register the "opportunity secondary domain name" after the construction site. However, in the process of optimization, seems to be more in line with the Kean rule 51job website "value" meters, but the road setbacks, some even directly by the search engines killed in the road. Why? Is not enabled secondary domain name, lucrative investment, more is in the use of double happiness, how to choose the good domain name used, make analysis of ideas:

in determining the selection of domain name, the domain name is the first check has been done and what kind of website, and what kind of history and the past in the domestic mainstream search engine. Check the selected domain name, how to have the weight, especially if it is a search engine K off. If a search engine K out of the domain name, and not much value, or give up. Of course, if its value is high enough, so it is of no great importance. But in the secondary domain name registration, you are not those professional gunmen, it is difficult to meet this domain name. In the domestic construction site inspection: love Shanghai >

second, some characters long before the domain name, itself do website not how, more could be done to dump abandoned out of the domain name exists, more and more uncertainty. Therefore, if the registered domain name used, in the selection process, the first thing to do is to try to find this kind of domain name.


registered in the second-hand domain, there are two parts, one part person is to build convenient, such as registration meters, have certain weights of the domain name registration. And the other part is the pure "rice farming", they are often registered with the collection of some value domain, some early favorable sites or the former belong to the rapid development of the domain name. What kind of second-hand domain more valuable? There are not the domain was deleted every day, and how to select their own webmaster website, using the construction of the maximum value of the

A: Master of fine, short Yishun principle

B: the mainstream search engine gray record


domain name short, whether it is for the construction site, or the collection, have a higher value, so the short domain name, are more popular with people. How can the site who walked in the success, how not to grasp this point principle? On the other hand, if the website domain name peer website name, such domain name is more valuable. As a typical example, Sina’s high priced acquisition of "weibo贵族宝贝" corresponding to "micro-blog", it appears that the secondary domain name can also be very valuable.

: how is "secondary domain name"

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