A home is K after Shanghai Longfeng Er will do the three elimination method

three, if the first two have no problem, then we should find their own reasons! Sometimes love Shanghai really convulsions, but definitely not so new Chen should Weakness lends wings to rumours.! Find the reasons from the following points:

if not, you can look at the friends of the chain is abnormal, if there is a new proposal, Chen first delete after contact each other webmaster to explain the situation two.

3, domain name may have been analyzed, the other domain name to your website, modify the password and then recommend the absolute address many using the domain name in the site navigation structure.

The so-called

2, the website may be black, the new Chen blog recommends login server scan and remove the possible horse or black chain;

two, if a no problem, please check the web server with the IP site have been K, if there is illegal because of K, the new Chen suggestions can consider replacing the space, because the same IP if there is illegal, the dangerous nature of the site, it is easy to marginal risk;

recently, there are a lot of friends to complain about the new Chen say big problem, what is site home, and included into 0? Oh, have to sympathize with the new Chen to tell you that your home is really K! Well, as an occupation of Shanghai dragon Er, face K is already disillusioned as I did not temper, so cut the crap, as Shanghai dragon er you quickly remedy! Hope that these new methods can help you as soon as possible to escape Chen hair pain oh:

cure to say, after Chen said the new open save, is the first to identify the cause, in order to give a solution. In the face of sudden site home situation, please keep calm Oh, then need to check the rankings included and how, how much is the index, the return code of spider log, because sometimes there may be a home is down right! So we need to decide what is right or down by K. Drop right is still relatively easy to recover, Chen new solutions are:

1 server, Ping server and recommendations immediately, taking consultation to solve problems;

but the new Chen talk today is home if it is K how to do, so don’t pull away. The new Chen believes that the home page is K, we should do:


1, the high quality of the link, to link factories; 2, maintain appropriate timing quantitative update, the spider; 3, to see whether there is abnormal Links; 4, avoid keyword stuffing and other methods.

, when the site is not included to the home page, and index weight of 0 when, should first try to open the new Chen website, see whether can normal open, can also directly in the webmaster tools to check the HTTP status code, see the return value is 200, if not, it is not open the site, there are three may:

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