For the website by Lenovo to be in love with the sea K

love Shanghai often to advise you in one sentence: "the search engine is just a common site visitors, as ordinary visitors you visit for the website to you what kind of feeling? Yes, you guessed it! After a lot of benefits for the forum exchange forum must become VIP can access, then love Shanghai spiders are not for the VIP customers, so under normal circumstances, there should be no spiders love Shanghai "privilege" to view the VIP forum. The rest of the things you can give full play to the imagination……

for the K website is worth every one of us thought. Love the sea has always been to strict website operation process well-known, far and near, we should inspire?

In fact, the author had effect on the

recently many website ranking love Shanghai fluctuations are larger, the reason may be the love of Shanghai in the new algorithm, some test. Snow water has always believed that the policy of love Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai is always strictly not loose. The reason is obviously, because Shanghai and Shanghai for non love dragon fish and water relationship, but the relationship between competition. Therefore, in the treatment of Shanghai dragon’s attitude, love Shanghai apparently could not as noble as chic baby.

, of course, for which the site was the reason why K is not known, may be cheated, there may be only one aspect of the factors. In conclusion, the author believes that the Internet is open, "sharing" is the main feature of the internet. If you do not want to let ordinary visitors see the content of the web site you search engines do not capture, if want to let search engines do not set access permissions (access permissions, not posting permissions). Both want to let search engines crawl and ranking, and would not let the ordinary visitors to view the contents of the site, thinking about the pure interest I want and the spirit of the Internet is a departure from the. Since everyone is Shanghai dragon in order to benefit, then love Shanghai has the right to "benefit" to "suppress" competitors! It is the pressure in the "rules" of the premise, what is wrong?

statement: This article is the author for the benefit of a point exchange site is K thinking, not for any companies, organizations and individuals.

forum set up access to the search engine in doubt, if Shanghai really love spiders love Shanghai claimed is "an ordinary visitor", then love Shanghai could not crawl the VIP page content, the website content will not be included, and K seems to is inevitable.


today the webmaster forum on a topic stir is a website keywords "wolf rain Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked first; and the other is a stark contrast to the meeting site is completely K out of love Shanghai. This article from another angle for the reason is K.

the following point at this time, why is K?

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