Analysis of the function of Web Search what enhance your search experience

box is small, but much knowledge. In order to explain in what type of input can enter the keyword search box box, you can use the placeholder text ", such as watercress in the home of the search box.

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has become the symbol of the search box search. The search box is the entrance to users to search, but also questions, at the same time is the search command execution area.

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users not only spelling error prone, and often can’t think what specific to enter. If the search box in the input process automatic completion, providing the associated search suggestions, can avoid the user input error, users can also save time (spelling in the mobile phone terminal needs more).

search is very obvious, in order to find the answers. The user may know what you want, a search for "33 days" is the download link, this situation is called: known item search. The user may also do not know what you want to search for specific users, such as a good movie as a pastime, this situation is called: exploratory search. The pattern search behavior of these two cases are not the same, but also has a strong purpose: the user has no intention to play with the search tool itself, eager to immediately find and meet their requirements of information and answers.

The Figure 1. page

search box

bean search box used for text

search box colors, shapes and sizes, different sites have different style.

users are not always able to search words spelled correctly, then your choice as if no search, it is likely to be the user that your product is not intelligent enough, smart enough. The noble baby will be marked in red the correct spelling in spelling errors, and did not kill you to go wrong right:

search everywhere, various websites, browser, application and each platform has its shadow. The search was born in the Internet era of information explosion, in order to meet the needs of users to quickly find the target information, the form is very simple but the database and the realization technology has a particularly high requirements.

search is not easy, but not impossible. This paper firstly analyzes the characteristics of user’s demand and the form of search, search, and then we discuss some possible ways to improve search experience.


> Figure 2.

a user

fast, is an ideal form of search, but also the desire of the user.


) to automatically correct the noble baby search box key

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