Analysis of improper operation caused the blog was the reason

three, the accident was

two, set the anchor text links and keywords of the layout of


love Shanghai update a series of algorithms, very distressed Shanghai dragon Er chain specialist chain how to meet the needs of the search engine, which is good for customer service. In the chain of the chain, blog is used most, one is the effect of the third party blog platform for the promotion of the brand is good; on the other hand, mainly because it is a completely free platform. Have a certain amount of blog, found a lot of blog administrator Title today, on the blog made comparison with the unified research, find the reasons banned:

, a blog theme can not be

algorithm in the update, station >

The importance of soft

is the need to explain, you inadvertently passed a search engine called "unhealthy" pictures, or articles appeared in the sensitive words lead account was banned. You don’t have to worry too much, blocked blogs usually have for releasing this, if you think you do not send the advertising message, not garbage outside the chain, believe that the administrator will soon give you a closed account. This is just to give you a warning, tell you next time to upload pictures or sensitive words should pay attention to.

blog chain to maximize the promotion effect, more reflect how to "keep you in". Registered blog and blog webmaster will. In the maintenance of blog before a few webmaster can calm down to consider what is suitable for what kind of blog. What type cannot be a blog article, jokes, and business philosophy, Shanghai dragon. This was a mess, not only the search engines do not love, not love no more users, a clear goal. Take the CSDN and blog for example, has always been to write promotion soft to promote a brand, is also love Shanghai included psychological joy, love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 2 update, a serious blow to the site around the release promotion of the soft phenomenon. Change the chain of ideas, began to write add anchor text links Shanghai Longfeng class original content, but still did not escape the banned doom.

lies in its "soft". An article is not soft at all, will not have much value. High quality original content users love, hate advertising articles. The anchor text keywords tough to the article, not only have the corresponding brand promotion, it will backfire, increase your bounce rate. In order to retain customers, increase the user experience, the webmaster should anchor text keywords links naturally into the article, allowing users to follow your article to click on the link anchor text from the heart. On the other hand, the layout of the anchor text keywords within the chain. Don’t update Bowen, will be the main keywords at the same time different links to the same page. Adsense is concerned about the website main keywords ranking, and often ignore the inside pages of long tail words can bring flow. All the same page links, can easily lead to the spider that you are cheating, or punish your website, light seal your blog account.

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