How about the education and training industry user search keywords classification

education industry user search can be classified into 5 categories: regional search, precise search, organization name retrieval, general vocabulary retrieval, information search and other. Because the education industry has the typical regional characteristics and dispersion characteristics, so the education industry Web site in the search engine promotion should be a wide range of the delivery, not only to multiple search platform coverage, should have more choices in key words.

(4): General vocabulary retrieval through love Shanghai retrieval of users have a general search feature is the largest, but the purpose of user retrieval may be the most common vocabulary is not clear, such as "JAVA training", which also shows that many users search for accurate way of getting information is not clear.

Keywords user search keywords classification method

(5): a few other search users in order to obtain some information or a business related website information, not to understand the business, these search terms are included in the other".

(2): precise search defined here is relatively accurate search area search and search for the general vocabulary, not accurate to the "Zhengzhou JAVA training school JAVA training course price" and the retrieval, the fact that the number that accurate retrieval is very small, as long as they meet the following two conditions, here are as accurate search:

subdivision + business areas, such as Zhengzhou JAVA training, Zhengzhou 3G training school (the corresponding region of the search term is "Zhengzhou computer school", "Zhengzhou general training school)

(1): the city area search search project name as a keyword, such as "Zhengzhou school", "Zhengzhou computer training", which can be divided into regional search, reflects the users want to see a training information of a city. The search area is one of the most common way to retrieve user education and training.

(3): organization name retrieval retrieval using

listed above is a conventional classification, there may be some other search or search habits. With the development of the Internet search habits change and users, could produce more search methods, which requires us to continue to discover, to sum up, to improve.

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training institutions, training schools.

accurate business name, regardless of whether there are areas of information, such as "software development engineer training", because these businesses may not be limited to certain areas, may be the online training course, or other national training.

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