Discussion on the correlation of the importance of Shanghai dragon website optimization


first quote, love Shanghai optimization guide in the phrase "title" to tell what the main contents of this web user and search engine, search engine in determining whether a web page content weight, title is one of the main reference information, is the site of the portal, title, here, I want to say is the site itself but also have relevance, refers to the relationship between title and content, if there is a good title, the content and the title of the relationship between a point there is no correlation, then what about the weight, what about the rankings, remember that last year the elder brother, the station group is very powerful, but also the main is the content of the links between the content seems to be directly inserted into the other links to articles, and then correlation between the subject and the content is not good, our experience is not complete That is love directly to Shanghai to see; and I want to say is the content and theme to be relevant, if you download the theme, then the content can add some other materials to download, download pictures and so on, the concept, only do a good job related to the content and theme of the great degree of maintenance good user experience, to better improve PV (PV is the direct display of your site favorability display), the correlation between the content, each from SE came to the visitors have hope to find him, so here is the key of correlation.

The correlation between

outside chain release is how to.

Correlation of

when every day a large number of working hours in the release of the chain, are important factors to understand whether you think each of the website optimization, that is correlation, the chain has played a pivotal role in the Shanghai dragon, the content in the process of optimization for the environment quality of every site lay then, the best way to retain customers, the correlation can not be ignored, can not be ignored, and in peacetime our work is still the most lack of understanding of the relationship so here, the author simply said about their understanding of the site’s relevance, because there is no correlation between the guide website weight is no perfect the theme, and then ranked

outside chain, really want to talk about the correlation between the chain, the chain of correlation, on the one hand refers to the relationship between Links, many people are looking for Links casual look, especially in some QQ group inside, a lot of shout, for Links, industries, etc. if you stand, the relationship must pay attention to the correlation, we cannot guarantee the source station where the link, but we can guarantee for the chain links are to do so in a certain extent, a chain of more than the chain, that is relevance judgments, "correlation. The relevance of the website, web service website for correlation correlation. So when looking for Links, must pay attention to, what can be done, what not to do, can be in love Shanghai, noble baby above search independent website links, that link up is the most helpful complementary.

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