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said the next plan, Chandler said that the company will develop more functions, allowing readers to upgrade their data in the process of reading a book — that is to say, not only can show he was reading a book, can also display the reading and reading the impressions. He also revealed that the company is communicating with the Facebook team, hoping to build a Book Club on the social network. Goodreads has opened book clubs and discussion groups on its own web site.

, the company has just moved into a new 6000 square foot 560 square meter office building in San Francisco.

Xu Xiaoping, one from the east out of angel investors, one of the new "three carriages", active in education, SNS, electricity providers, APP software and other industries, the investment project has more than one hundred, among them, Jiayuan dating sites, foreign trade B2C Lanting Pavilion set potential, cosmetics electricity supplier jumei have listed. With a keen investment perspective and vast industry resources, Xu Xiaoping helped many entrepreneurs achieve their dream of success, just as he once said, "achieve a new miracle."". And this time, he chose the Internet law.

Goodreads claims to have included 360 million books, adding 22 million copies each month. Chandler said that the site’s monthly page views of about 140 million, monthly independent users access of about 22 million, so you can provide advertisers with huge audiences and data.


Goodreads is a social reading site similar to watercress micro-blog. Users can share, read, read, and read books on it. The company says its users have just broken through the 10 million mark.

service first: cultivate the legal services of start-ups and establish the ecological chain of start-up services

was injected into the blood of the growth of Xu Xiaoping for jumei and other electronic business, see the innovative spirit of the green dog network with unlimited potential and excellent Internet thinking, choose the green dog, that is a legal service for their own mind, but also China more people expect that there is just a sense of satisfaction of the demand with. And the number of members of the green dog network has been strong enough to prove everything.

and the only emphasis on professional online legal services, electricity providers are different, green dog network on the basis of professionalism, pay more attention to innovative service concept, and this reason

Chandler pointed out that due to the rise of digital books and the disappearance of traditional bookstores, the publishing industry will face enormous mining problems. Amazon micro-blog is using its own book recommendation engine to solve the problem. But Chandler says it also creates a "great opportunity" for Goodreads – after all, the main benefit of social reading sites is finding the books recommended by friends. And he had previously claimed that Goodreads has "the best book recommendation on the Internet."".

innovation is the core power and source of human social progress, and in today’s rapid development of the Internet era, innovation is a powerful weapon in the market game of electricity suppliers. Innovation can give enterprise or brand unlimited vitality and potential power, and create the irresistible trend of winning in the future.

Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis ·, Chandler Otis Chandler said that the company’s main growth momentum this year is the new Facebook open spectrum applications. In addition, the Goodreads introduced Discovereads after the introduction of the book recommendation engine, which will also play an important role in growth.

China currently has 60 million small and micro enterprises, with an annual growth rate of tens of millions of new homes. However, the legal services needed by these start-ups are scattered, and it is difficult for the general law firms to take orders. Then, the convenient and efficient online legal services have been favored by small and micro business owners. Thus, the existence of green dog network, so that they enjoy "cost-effective price of legal services," the dream has been achieved.

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green dog network CEO Xin Xin heart lady is a successful continuous cross-border entrepreneurs, actual combat experience, excellent market sense of smell. In March 1st this year, with the implementation of the new "company law", the registered company from the registered capital limit, the green dog network to seize the favorable policies, free of charge in the company registration mode, ecological chain to from the company registration, taxation, intellectual property and other sectors to establish start-ups, protect start-ups operating safety, green the dog net completed a gorgeous upgrade in the eye.

is similar to the domestic watercress, and Goodreads is a social reading platform

Goodreads has included 360 million books,


this means that Goodreads has doubled its registered users in just 15 months. And in May 2011 to achieve 5 million users, the company has been set up 4 and a half years.

entrepreneurial legal services, social just need extraordinary significance

green dog network is currently focused on the entrepreneurial legal services, in the green dog "product driven legal supplier share annual meeting, Xu Xiaoping said, it is the rigid demand of society, promote the emergence and development of the legal business, which has drawn extraordinary significance, in the era of so, in addition to investment, green the dog network and how to attract the attention of Xu Xiaoping

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