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, a millionaire who was only 29 years old, has started many businesses and has invested more than 60 technology start-ups.

"I was a strange child, my father can attest to this," Reddit co-founder Alexis · O Haneen said, "he is still waiting for me to grow up, but this is not possible, a few months later, I was 30 years old, without any change."

"Internet chips" to subvert the traditional financial model of the intermediate procedures to

founded Reddit, O Haneen’s mother was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer. "She told me that the first sentence is," I’m sorry, I know that this will seriously affect you for you now, I know how important it is to set up their own company, "I looked at her, don’t understand this has given me so many women, why in the case of brain cancer late to me apologize." "I remember.".

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has always been, small and micro enterprises financing difficulties, financing expensive old problem, but also a worldwide problem. With the pressure of China’s economic downturn in recent years, this problem is particularly prominent, many SMEs face difficulties in production and operation, shortage of funds. On the other hand, in our small micro enterprises have become an important part of the national economy. The country is also the focus of the object support, they in expanding employment, economic development, active market plays a very important role, therefore, to ease the downward pressure on the economy, maintain the sustainable development of domestic economy, how to solve the problem of capital 50 million the development of small and micro enterprises, is the most direct and most fundamental.

in 2005, he and his college roommate Steve · Hoffman SteveHuffman co founded Reddit, which is a social news website, the user submitted content through the community vote, the top gets the most votes content can appear in the web page.

at this stage, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the development model driven by traditional factors, investment driven is gradually turning to innovation driven. In the "sweeping Internet plus" tide, to raise the public Internet as the representative of the Internet financial model’s rise has brought the infinite possibility to domestic innovation driven, not only the development of the real economy, promote the total factor productivity, but also changed the traditional mode of economic development, adjusting the economic structure. As an important part of Chinese economic reform.


"in the overall environment of China’s economic weakness, China’s economy should continue to maintain the rapid growth of two figures, it is necessary to create new engines through reform and innovation to drive the development of the real economy."." Shenzhen City People’s Congress Economic Working Committee, President of Shenzhen chamber of Commerce to raise public Internet Financial Dumont system CEO to Juan said, under the wave of the Internet is full of vigour, raise public Internet provides Everfount support and opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, not only brought the market thousands on thousands of cells active, but also created favorable conditions for capital surging.

Internet chips has become an important part of China’s multi-level capital market. In the new normal economic situation, the disadvantages of our traditional financial system are gradually exposed, and the lack of financial innovation is the root cause. While the Internet to raise the public, it is the breakthrough to the traditional financial system, and to improve the innovation of financial products, lack of both supply and demand of funds can not be effectively matching difficulties, by means of the advantages of Internet technology to get through the bottleneck both the investment and financing of different levels to meet the financing needs of the subject.

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to raise the public Internet as a new financing mode of Internet financial, service to small and micro enterprises, not only can quickly and effectively help the majority of entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises to achieve capital docking, solve the problem of capital, entrepreneurs early development dilemma, but also can really bring the bottom of society funds to move up. Whether it is idle or semi idle or reserve or can give up, it has strategic significance.

Beijing on March 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the social news website Reddit co-founder Alexis · O Haneen AlexisOhanian is a 29 year old multimillionaire, he is young and full of wit, had set up a number of enterprises, including enterprises and investment companies, in addition to the more than 60 Science and technology investment startups.


Reddit co-founder Alexis · O Haneen Tencent technology plan

, in addition to Reddit, O Haneen also founded a social networking site Breadpig, and participated in the establishment of the travel search site Hipmunk. In addition, he founded an investment company, DasKapitalCapital, and invested more than 60 technology start-ups. As a multimillionaire, he is only 29. If this is what is called a strange thing, we can do it like that.


O Haneen once wanted to be an immigration lawyer. When he was in his third year at the college entrance exam, he and a friend went to the WaffleHouse restaurant to express sympathy. This is certainly a gossip because O Haneen as boundless as the sea and sky, made a life changing decision here: he did not want to become a lawyer, but to do a "entrepreneurs".

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