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as the first listed company founded by college students, iFLYTEK and "entrepreneurial" two characters have a deep origin. 17 years ago, is still in Graduate School of Liu Qingfeng, see Chinese voice market at that time, almost entirely by Microsoft, IBM, Motorola and other foreign giants monopoly IT, decided to give up hiring abroad and foreign paid, determined to achieve the "Chinese voice technology by Chinese do the best" industrial ambitions, created iflytek. From the inception of the company to be known as the "troupes to 2008 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, now and then to do the world’s leading core technology, become the Asia Pacific region’s largest voice and artificial intelligence Chinese voice of listed companies occupy more than 70% market share, iFLYTEK entrepreneurs realize the dream of the stage.

April 1993, Guo Deying founded the Yulong computer telecommunication technology in Shenzhen, which later became the cool group.

cool dual card dual standby mobile phone is very popular, three major domestic carriers favor early operators in order to seize the smart mobile phone market, need custom machine, and cool is the best choice.

in 2015, the passion for entrepreneurship and innovation was ignited throughout the country, bringing tremendous vitality to China’s economy and society. The morning of March 5th, Premier Li Keqiang stressed the need to make innovation in the country once again NPC and CPPCC "government work report", the release of the whole society’s innovation potential, fully embodies the country to "double" to create a new engine of the development of the determination. Li Keqiang said, "the construction of a number of" double "demonstration base, cultivating entrepreneurial services, the development of entrepreneurship and industrial investment, angel."

started from pagers, moved to the mobile phone field, has launched the world’s first CDMA/GSM dual-mode mobile phones, etc., are technically ranked in the forefront of the world, the market value of the highest time reached 10 billion 500 million. Results of a few years, the market has plunged to 1 billion 700 million, sales in 2014 also ranked sixth place, and now has dropped out of the top ten, the old mobile phone companies how to lose so much money?

Why does

cool completely bundled with operators, operators can be said to be subsidiary, and more like their own production side, and operators are its channels. It is also a huge subsidy operators, not only to create a "high-end business" brand, but also become a member of the "China cool alliance.".

Since the launch of the third mock exam


early cool cool scenery, in 1995 became the first home to solve the paging system vendors, in 2005 launched the world’s first dual-mode dual standby smart phone – cool 728. In the mobile world, some technologies are far ahead of other companies around the world.

Internet thinking machine model, fans of the rise of the economy, the major Internet manufacturers and traditional mobile phone manufacturers have entered the Bureau, this era is no longer the operator of the world. In 2014, operators cut contract machine subsidies, and bare metal sales as the main sales side.

relative to other mobile phone companies, cool almost entirely dependent on operators, such custom machines accounted for more than 80% of all mobile phones.

, brother, cut a steak for everyone today.

in 2015, as a leader in the domestic intelligent voice and artificial intelligence industry, outstanding representatives of college students, Liu Qingfeng was elected "national university student innovation and entrepreneurship League" chairman. In fact, for a long time, iFLYTEK always put on innovation and entrepreneurship support has been put in an important position, adhere to the practical action to serve the society. In 2010, iFLYTEK officially released the world’s first "Xunfei open platform", to provide free developers of speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, intelligent voice core technology to support entrepreneurial developers. At present, the number of terminal users iFLYTEK open platform has more than 700 million, speech and artificial intelligence development partners to reach 11, nearly 1 billion 400 million daily visits, artificial intelligence ecological iFLYTEK as the center has been gradually built, for the innovation of China’s creative industry development has made a fruitful answer.

the future, iFLYTEK will continue to rely on technology.

has a message from friends saying that if you want to see a failed case, you’ll have to talk to everyone today. Time back 5 years, when the domestic mobile phone is now the pattern, China cool together occupy most of the country, which is a very influential cool.

last August 6th, Guo Deying resigned from the cool boss position, today’s cool market capitalization is only 1 billion 700 million, has also been suspended, once the mobile phone industry heavyweights down the stage of history.

as the National People’s Congress this year, Liu Qingfeng also further promote the management of brainstorming, aiming at the current lack of knowledge, lack of protection for intellectual property and creative entrepreneurship, after the failure of basic living security is inadequate. He first proposed by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of human resources and take the lead in college or social institutions offering business counseling courses, Professor of basic business knowledge and skills, and guide them to establish a healthy business concept; secondly, suggested that the relevant departments of the procuratorate and the court and so increase the innovation of judicial protection, to break the monopoly, stimulate the public entrepreneurship, innovation activity the last; by the Ministry of human resources and lead for innovation and entrepreneurship, improve the legal system, perfecting the unemployment relief system.


started from pagers, moved to the mobile phone field, has launched the world’s first CDMA/GSM dual-mode mobile phones, etc., are technically ranked in the forefront of the world, the market value of the highest time reached 10 billion 500 million. Results of a few years, the market has plunged to 1 billion 700 million, has now dropped out of the top ten……

first: completely dependent on operators, operators removed, he also lost

fail? There are three reasons:

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