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, July 8th reporter Zhang Lin in the highly competitive online takeaway dining area, Yi Tao food belongs to the overseas market from the beginning of the "fall" special case of the Chinese market.

in logistics, Yi Tao food formed a nearly 300 people got logistics team, for nothing

however, the direction of the development of the Internet home improvement has not been directed towards the people in its established direction". Many traditional home improvement companies in order to be able to cope with Jiezhuang users to the Internet side of the transfer risk, seems to be in the name of the Internet Jiezhuang banner, starting a traditional home improvement business. This is for the Internet itself, or for the user itself, it has very serious harm.

involves a number of industries, involving thousands of families, a combination of multiple technologies, and gathering a variety of talents…… Internet home improvement industry, as well as traditional home improvement industry, has become a "move the whole body," an industry. As a kind of derivative in the present industry and Internet technology, the Internet industry is also not completely out of home decoration industry "label", has a strong label some Jiezhuang industry is still in the Internet Jiezhuang industry who has a very distinctive appearance.

in the interview process, Zhang Yang has always insisted, although it is easy to wash food into the market to take out forms, but the essence is not the takeaway company, "for a business online takeaway ordering platform, logistics and payment is recognized as one of the two major pain points, we need to do is to solve these two aspects difficult".

pictured: Yi Tao, founder, CEO, Zhang Yang

based on the concept of B2B2C, Yi Tao recently released a "poly net guest" system. The system consists of three parts, first, help businesses do business in front of the official website, such as the development of mobile APP, etc.; second, to help businesses do management, such as CRM system, call center, logistics scheduling; third, to help businesses unified access flow of the Internet platform, such as micro-blog, Amoy little, sh419 maps and various vertical network takeaway ordering platform.

Zhang Yang explains that the purely Internet model pursues the user experience. And for a catering O2O enterprises, it is important to seize the B side of the merchant demand at one end. Only B end businesses benefit, businesses will take the initiative to cooperate with the Internet platform to provide a good user experience. In Zhang Yang seems, if you can not serve the B side businesses, then the service C end users can not talk about.

with all the "Internet plus" era of the development of the Internet, the home also experienced a from infancy to prosperity, from prosperity to return to a rational process. Different from other industries, the Internet Jiezhuang companies are not able to "small and beautiful" direction of development, on the contrary, involving many industries and fields of Internet home improvement company is even more heavy.

solving industry pain point

, if its own experience and the entire model is not much change, it does not mean that this industry has undergone essential changes and contacts with traditional industries. The same is true of Internet home improvement. Although some home improvement company claims that they are "Internet home improvement company", but they are still doing the traditional home improvement thing. Users struggle in the traditional home of the mud, and the attendant Internet Jiezhuang companies gave them a head-on blow.

as an industry involved in many fields, the Internet Jiezhuang has never escaped the eyes of the capital and industry attention. These concerns in addition to the Jiezhuang industry itself is full of expectations, but more of them for the industry behind the huge market potential expectations.

The product

"to people", pay attention to ecological construction

heavy construction, strong experience, speak with quality…… These tags are destined to make the Internet Jiezhuang become not ordinary, nor will it be "Internet" and "home improvement" two simple sum up and pile up the industry. It should have more connotations and attributes, and more people can experience as much as possible.

"pretend" experience. As a new thing arising from the Internet, a major feature of the Internet home flagship is that experience and traditional home improvement has undergone enormous changes. Many well versed in this Internet Jiezhuang companies also in order to enhance the user experience as the starting point in the whole process of home experience. As a key link to enhance this experience, the site shift will be transferred to the Internet and become a "killer" for many home improvement companies

for the domestic online ordering site, C user has become a hotly contested spot "soldier". Such as hungry Mody, the United States regiment, take away, Amoy and so on, without taking B2C mode, take the user line. And easy to wash food is different, the site more hope to provide good service to merchants, and then through the business itself to obtain users, that is, B2B2C model.

Zhang Yang said, Yi Amoy food and many online ordering platform, there is no absolute competitive relationship. For them, "easy food" is "water delivery"". Zhang Yang will be easy to wash food as a "highway", in this way, compared to who can "run win", he is more concerned about whether the infrastructure is perfect, that is to build O2O ecosystem, and provide the catering enterprises to use O2O. Business model is also very clear: easy Amoy food will be built on the highway toll station, charge each transaction transaction costs.


CEO, the easy Amoy food founder Zhang Yang in early 2005 in the United Kingdom established the online ordering website FoodKingdom, this experience let him in the face of Chinese local market, have more from product and model into.

Like all the traditional industries,

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