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is not only able to grow, but also to prove that it can grow at a high speed or show the potential for large-scale development. "Scale" is an overused expression. When we talk about scale, what do we mean,


, from seed to grow, IPO is like a driving license, which means that the future in the financial order, information disclosure, delivery plan, strategic direction and other aspects are put forward higher standards of responsibility.

first of all, investors will look for evidence to see if your business is strong, healthy and thriving, and top line growth is the best indicator of that. Income growth rates and the actual valuation of Companies in IPO will also significantly influence investors’ interest in IPO. In fact, the relationship between income growth and valuation of technology companies is higher than that of other financial indicators.

ironically, the main reason why many companies want IPO is because they want to get more flexible capital. However, the least time to do IPO is when you really need the money to continue your business

because I am engaged in investment bankers have been working for several years, I will share this list with everyone, and the starting point of this list is based on the judgment of investors "whether the enterprise operation" standard. Whatever the expected outcome, you can follow this list to build a strong and sustainable business, or a listed company.

Mark · Zuckerberg has shown in listing Facebook to us, how is the company with higher standards and accelerate the development of the mobile terminal to the pace of it so as to pave the way for the company a more powerful in the future.


company supposed to be on the market? The answer is simple: when they’re ready. The lack of IPO is not something we should focus on. The real problem is how to prepare well and how to ensure that the enterprise is "well functioning".

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contains 16 entries in the IPO list, is to tell those who intend to be listed company with what kind of attitude to treat this problem, and before this should be how to comply with the discipline; at the same time, this is a tutorial to apply to any company, for the company on how to pave the way for a truly powerful future.

Companies such as

according to the rule of thumb, the definition of scale is about $100 million in revenue, and there are exceptions, of course, but the figure is more an expectation threshold than a clear limit. What investors want to see is a company looking for IPO with a vision of $1 billion in revenue, and the founders have vision and plans to achieve sustainable and robust income growth.

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