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, believe me, don’t think you can change a person’s thinking by training. That will give you 90% of your time and only get 10% of it. Your team culture shapes your job, and 90% depends on the minutes of the interview.

recently a friend asked me this question: "everyone on your team how to play with blood like, how do you do it?"

reporter found through the survey that advertisers were either legally or inefficiently using SMS advertising. At present, the mobile phone short message advertisers are mainly divided into three categories: the first category is illegal advertisers, the use of high-tech unfair benefits, often referred to as "black text messages."". Due to the privacy of mobile phone messages, operators can not check the content of the message, through a specific software, a mass SMS can reach tens of thousands, each minimum is only 0.018 yuan. Low cost, high efficiency, cheat one is one. The second category is SMS content providers SP, users can subscribe to pay SMS information, more performance for the temptation of information, such as voice Taiwan advertising, mobile phone link beauty website etc.. There are more skills of playing the emotional signs, claiming to be the long lost friends to greet, once the user back information will automatically customize a monthly fee ranging from service. After media reports and public security departments reminded, SMS advertising has to carry on "deceptive" trick of public opinion black hat, the result is the credibility of SMS advertising seriously missing. The third is to realize mobile phone SMS as a new form of advertising business, fully aware of and actively use of resources, but have characteristics of the new media, users no in-depth research and analysis, too much emphasis on advertising cost and ignore the evaluation of advertising effectiveness, simple form mobile phone SMS advertising with no effect conclusion.


has a sense of responsibility, sees problems, points out problems and solves problems instead of turning a blind eye or complaining about others.

Others say we

brave, optimistic, dare to challenge the difficult task, rather than fear the first fear of foot.

is dedicated and willing to invest 100% of what he does instead of always thinking of leaving a trail for him.

said a very Niubi Retreat: "people don’t live down in a pragmatic team. Vice versa." Each team has its temperament, just like everyone has its own personality. He’s the first person to come to work and it feels like he’s been here for a long time. People who don’t taste right have to leave one day.

Li newgreen was not deceived, but the bad SP service providers, consumers forced to deceive the consumer but there are a lot of custom. The issue of arbitrary charges for mobile information services has been repeatedly called for in the country’s "two sessions".

we need people with such characteristics:

everything has a key point, so grab it and solve 90% of the problems. I think key point is the right person in building a team mission.

stayhungry stay foolish, good at learning, have the ability to continue to progress, rather than the rest.

mobile phone users: SMS advertising experience crisis of confidence

although I am also very happy extremely excited ", because people are praising us, but I hope that the" mission "of the word, it sounds more prestigious. I’ve probably summed up 10 of my own experiences about how to build a mission oriented team and share it with you.


"what are your fears and worries about wireless advertising?"" In a recent study conducted by the Department of industrial engineering Tsinghua University Dr. Rao Peilun organization, 43% of people think "I may be tracking all the time"; 60% of people think that "my personal privacy will be violated" business information; and about 80% of users think it is "too much advertising jams to my mobile phone" and "completely unintelligible spam". >

2, sense of mission is exciting >

1, looking for the right person will be successful, 90%

Our product director Felix

Shenzhen news network to work in the overseas Chinese Town Han Tang building, Li Xinsen, entered the office and receive a text message, the content is as follows: "congratulations on your custom SMS boutique business monthly cap costs 30 yuan, if you wish to unsubscribe please send a message to × 9; × × × 6069 unsubscribe! If this month no charges will continue to unsubscribe from next month! Thanks for your cooperation!" He suddenly felt puzzled: because all at sea has never been customized for any business. Is intended to unsubscribe when the instructions, colleagues reminded him: "it is likely to fishing, and the past is to confirm rather than unsubscribe, many colleagues have been on the"!" Mr. Li quickly called 10086 to check, and indeed there is no record of the relevant business customization.

some people may say, your demand is too high, so the perfect person which is so much? I want to tell you a cruel truth: good people always get together together, because they are very difficult to survive in a mediocre team, this is one group of points, Like attracts like. If your demand is very high, you will have more and more high-quality personnel. If you let mediocre people into the team, then you will make other people sad, and eventually make the whole team mediocre.

self driving, have a strong desire to become a person rather than a rise above the common herd, firm and secure again.

market situation: the existence of bad advertising fraud

some people might say, "if I find so many employees, I can’t handle it. Don’t worry. The following 9 are about how to manage these talented people.".