The 315 part Swindlers Company blacklist Wangzhuan WangzhuanLimit DHC and GLOBE7 ads add a new boot

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the two companies are veteran companies, the past owners think he has a good reputation, has been a long time, and now found to be Swindlers Company. The main cheating facts are as follows: 1. cheating on offline income. His website indicated on the line of commission is 10%, he actually gave only 5%, he probably thought we do not know the line performance, will not find him cheating! But the webmaster line is linked to the owners, owners should direct them. Webmaster actual monitoring, let a downline first click, and then Adsense monitor offline income, found that he only added 5%. Offline users can try the same monitoring method. 2. disorderly delete account. The stationmaster thought, do not cheat, do not click on the search, members will not be deleted, in fact not, he tried to delete all users China a few months ago, at that time in the BBS vote, because most people oppose, did not succeed. But then, he began to ask no reason to delete the account, he claimed to have stolen your password to do some illegal things, and promised to investigate, but the investigation is not investigating who knows. They had to pay a high amount of company, the search does not support China, every day income, when can pay to do? Now progress, take a few years to pay, he is to let you quit! If you don’t quit? You efforts to develop the line, you can count a do you want to count, how many referrals to pay to you? Many referrals, he deleted, you click on the years of work hard after they found in the webmaster be destroyed on one day! Deception facts, always reluctant to give up, do not use has earned money on advertising, the line was suddenly the day was removed, the $140 all cheap liar. The stationmaster sends a letter on his website, ask two times, do not answer, ask after trustee in the forum, answer to say my personal information is filled in disorder. It is easy to find a pretext to beat! Webmaster personal information has always been filled, why didn’t say? To wait for my downline more, make more money to start? The stationmaster had he suffered, not watching netizens again suffer! Hope to see this paper still do the two net friends early in the station earns advertising spend, and then cancel the account. Otherwise, one day, you earn more money, he casually find a reason to delete you, then you remember your past ten thousand hits, want to cry without tears,

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, mikepaid4email, and clix

recommended delivery method: using CPC picture can do or CPM

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GLOBE7 billing: CPA, 1 yuan / month effective registered members need free mobile phone verification,

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, according to incomplete statistics, in the Swindlers Company Wangzhuan company of not less than 80%, many websites acannibalistic, in vain for you. It is after clicking off, this is how sad thing, the two part lists some respectively. Swindlers Company and the company’s list, a warning to the majority of Wangzhuan friends.