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people are less emotionally stable and need to talk about space, " echo " they want them to share and respond in the community, and to make friends. Echo community in this community of " praise " reaction is " sunshine " the response to the story is regarded as " echo " for individual users or groups, there is also a concern mechanism.

1, O2O will become the main battlefield of community developers of real estate customer service market, is the beginning of a new era of real estate after the age of service; from the community into organic combination of offline online and landing; is a simmering community business transformation.

2, O2O is the community the opportunity mobile traditional community property services through the Internet thinking implants, solve the pain points of consumers and the community industry pain points, realistic community pain points, creating a new, disruptive community business model.

O2O?! is popular in the era of mobile Internet and e-commerce, the interaction and integration of resources through online and offline services or products, finished in the loop community "last mile", its core is the property management community in three-dimensional space is in the heart, interactive connection between the construction of the platform property the management of enterprises, community residents and associated enterprises and service providers.

Twitter, co-founder of Ev Williams, now project Medium has a great information structure and wants to make a quality content platform. At home there are now Medium like products, such as jane. I recently learned that the echo platform, the difference, is that it wants to be a living community.


Three key aspects of

is probably in 2002 or 2003, because when the PC side of the Internet in the ascendant, coupled with the development of offshore real estate in Hong Kong and Macao region most of the projects are high-end villa project. In addition to the simple property management services needs of the owners, the value-added services for other diversity is full of strong demand and desire.

but I’m not sure the Medium form in the long run is really suitable for the life of the community to share, the theme group is equivalent to half story proposition share, may make a limited number of share stories, and if the new group are too complicated, is not conducive to content exposure. If you see more in the future, such projects will be shared with you.

in the teeth of the storm!

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3, O2O community must be based on community residents’ core needs, solutions for customers "tailored" system. Not telling the story, not whitewash the concept, not the pursuit of fashion; there are no shortcuts, no food to eat, no coincidence it must be for movable property, a long-term and arduous, both great and fine system engineering.

dialysis community O2O:

this is based on the property of the sea in order to give the owners to provide more quality services, improve the sea property service system, enrich the service contents and methods, enhance the sea property services content and social influence; through quality service, sea mining potential customers, attract and hold more customer resources, so as to expand the China property market share; at the same time the traditional China Sea property management and service advantage of the Internet, by each property management department is responsible for the overall planning publicity and promotion, and is responsible for the organization from the upstream to the district distribution; thus.

community users share stories that are posted to a specific topic group, and other users see a series of topics that are contributed by different people when browsing the group. The echo team says the target group in their community is the emotional young, especially between the ages of 85 and 90.


so far, I believe there may be many people who do not have complete and clear understanding of what real communities are, O2O.

to be passed in 2014, the O2O community as the next one trillion market and the Internet giants pay most attention to the line entrance again and again by many property management companies, Internet entrepreneur team, VC to


echo is now testing for three months, with over 5000 subscribers, of which more than 50% live users in July. The community is also a new project by co-founder Zhang Yue. Compared to professional networking such as networking, the echo community operates naturally differently. For example, professional social interaction with an acquaintance first, " friends invited " will be the product of such indicators, but the echo will be more inclined to anonymous community, the invitation system does not apply.

community O2O’s 1 era: Zhonghai home service network