The network business four months to reach a monthly income of 2000 of the bitter historyNetwork secu

data into the industry and the new rules of the purge period, there is no clue.

had moved, after the continuous rain, site procedures, space technology and other issues so that the new me busy heart gaunt, scorched by the flames, and every day staring at their background at Amoy long time never change 0 revenue, began downhearted, many times, so many times, want to give up, give up too, back to his belonged to a college student should have a leisurely life, but I did not insist on down! Later, stick to slowly after the success, to harvest moved so that I feel the past is worth all the pay

Zhang Han works in data science and technology company by the nymphs, the first company to company data points of differentiation. Through some technical means to hide the key information technology nyph some data, such as the application of virtual phone number. This approach to avoid an ordeal at the end of May.


started when we learn SEO, will do keyword query with sh419 index, and that the main target keywords we selected row to sh419 home will bring a lot of traffic especially index of many words then flow can overlay, but the fact is not like this, doing guest station should have a single product clear.

/ Tencent, technology, BU Xiang,

, however, the entire data trading market is rapidly showing shock. "Network security law," the implementation of a month

"network security law" before and after the official implementation, like a cold swept through the big data industry. First of all, more than 30 thousand companies with data interfaces may be closed directly. Second, the new three board listed data company, there are 14 other data based companies, was involved in the seizure. Again, around May 20, 2017, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued a "crackdown on reselling citizens privacy data measures", this approach will make some legal obstacles in a lot of big data marketing company.

at the beginning of June, the disconnection between data network and rookie SF express Alibaba. This is just the appearance of big data related events, "data silos" began to emerge, Gong Caichun said.

is an entrepreneur, in 2008 from the Graduate Institute of computing, Natural Language Processing research, from the beginning of 2011, pay special attention to the big data industry, after graduation to work in Taobao for 3 years, entrepreneurs do post collection project, based on large data mining and finishing work, carry out a series of workplace report commercial activities.

my income mainly comes from two places, one is for my team Wangzhuan recruitment, is the use of SEO model to make money Wangzhuan keywords ranking, directional flow generated every day, automatic transaction. Another way is to rely on Taobao off! I do share the monthly income of 2000 Taobao off single most important thinking mode:


is now using SEO to do Taobao customers so competitive status quo, I personally think that one of the most important Taobao SEO train of thought is to do the long tail word!

now, he’s worried about the future. In 2014, the "double" activities like a raging fire when the construction of a lot of big data and big data exchange trading center. At that time, the main purpose was to allow data to be traded, exchanged, and eliminated.

four months ago, I do not know what, joined a Wangzhuan training team, the tuition is very cheap now, if I think your tuition fees will give up, not today, that I am still a student, I have insisted on doing nothing, okay. When I started to join the forum, I put all the knowledge of SEO and all through the copy in my notebook on July 26th, within two days, make your first website in life is station men’s skin care products, though ugly, but very excited, feel oneself very have a sense of achievement, I in fact, think that feeling is a success, the team is looking at the video monitor step by step to follow out.

for a long time, personal information leaks on the network frequently occur, causing concern among users, in November last year, the competent department "People’s Republic of China network security law" targeted to emerge as the times require. After more than six months of consultation, discussion and revision, June this year, the formal implementation. The implementation of this law, the most intuitive change is brought about by the data center security in the data center room to strengthen, strengthen safety equipment, increase the number of firewall, and solve baremetal online streaking state.


Gong Caichun

in fact, in a number of major military network to make money, real money probably only then 20%, did not even have a monthly income of 2000 in the eyes of many master! Is a joke, but still confused in many struggling students may think is the most suitable way for the way they do Wangzhuan.


big data chaos


I have been in contact with me to calculate Wangzhuan time, and today just four months, the monthly income reached 1912RMB, nearly 2000 to six months, from your own implementation of the monthly income of over 10000 really deviate a lot, said to repentance ashamed but I know, there is a lot of as I had experienced the bitterness, experienced pain, confusion of the students, so I think there is a need to talk about my personal experience, hope will encourage each other.

but in June 1st, the "network security law" was formally implemented for more than a month, and a series of incidents have taken place, and the phenomenon of "data silos" has begun to become more serious." Gong Caichun says.

is worried more about the data industry than just Gong Caichun, his friend Zhang Han.

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