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, June 2014, Beijing, China World Trade Center, The BIG Talk and digital survival author Nicholas · Negroponte’s first question: how technology changes the world,

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, The, BIG, Talk, heading for Silicon Valley,


Abstract: how far is Zhongguancun from Silicon Valley? Forget the physical distance. China is joining the global mobile Internet era in a whole new way and speed, a spectacular and fun adventure.

during the same embedding comparable script and plot the epic Blockbuster: Jingdong listed on the United States, the market value approaching $40 billion; the biggest Alibaba IPO record in history, the market value of nearly $300 billion, Ma became the richest man Chinese; unfamiliar street three years of $3 billion, 3 years of successful advanced Nasdaq, to stimulate the China speed there are other entrepreneurs adrenaline; business legend in order too many to count on, too many to count the mobile Internet business embedded in the 800 million Chinese every time, every time the consumer decision-making behavior. Easy to car, the way home, hungry, headlines today there are too many Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered on the list of the humble name, they are in the running to subvert the rules of the world, they are thinking about how to change the world. While their hearts flame, not the same Joel point to a coordinate: Silicon Valley.

up to 10 hours of flight, across 16 time zones, 10897 kilometers, the biggest media group The BIG Talk follow the history in Silicon Valley, only one purpose: to the planet, the era of the greatest innovation center, unlock the hearts of each China isexhausted Internet: why Silicon Valley was called "Silicon Valley"?


to January 30, 2015, with more than 100 of the country’s most influential mainstream media, technology vertical media, and from the media peers embarked on Silicon Valley, to explore innovative secrets to boost the smart society. Half a year, for 20 years of China’s Internet process is only a negligible 1/40, while for mobile Internet, bit speed exceeded most people’s expectations. Mobile Internet in 9 million 600 thousand square meters of land planted in the seeds of rapid growth into towering trees. MIIT data released on October 22nd 14: as of September 2014, the total number of mobile Internet users reached 871 million, an increase of 6.3%. Among them, the use of mobile Internet users reached 833 million, the penetration rate of mobile phone users reached 65.5%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the previous year.

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