Behind the offbeat marketing one of the advertising guaizhao weekly 8 million 880 thousandThe mobile

found in the 1520 home network "the most expensive advertising" finally opened his mystery.

1. men lust

I probably looked at the search of several TV drama in sh419, he almost can appear on the first page! How much is IP, PV is more than 5 times! Do make the page look more clearly. I ask, who is willing to look at a page number of tens of thousands of articles, the first impression will make people feel troublesome!

this article is not what technical content, just a

! spider! idea!

below, we will take a look at what talented netizens have come up with what method.

at alimama I found this advertisement, you guess how much money? You will never guess! Ha ha! 0.9 yuan / week, here you will feel funny, "the most expensive advertising" has sold 0.9 yuan?? alimama recommended price is 5.3 yuan… Keep watching

as long as you go to China’s advertising union to see, adult goods mall, commission is the highest, which also indirectly illustrates the profiteering of these products. Gao Yongjin, of course, also ensured the richness of their marketing channels and ensured sales.

2. women love beauty

the mobile Internet era, entrepreneurial opportunity is more meet the eye everywhere, it seems, the content of this article comes from a netizen’s question: what method can make reliable 30 million in ten years? The answer is strange and eccentric but there are still a lot of dry cargo: high profit items in the Internet: the so-called profiteering project. Often people with related desires and worries.

in America, porn is a big business.

but don’t do selfish things.

? ! Ha ha!

We all know that to the point!


women love beauty, spawned numerous industries. Beauty, weight loss, clothing, shape

here, I think we should know what to do. I do not want everyone to 1520 home owners like to engage in offbeat marketing course, as long as you have this ability…

of course, the above methods don’t seem so reliable. But effort pays no attention, nine brother still dug some dry goods. Netizen Ye Qing believes that the high profit projects in the Internet – – so-called profiteering projects, are often associated with human desires and worries. If you want to make money on the Internet, hurry up with nine brothers down to see it!

then go to do 55 pull a picture on it. The specific method next time. Of course, I think this advertising will cause the attention of visitors, in PV pages, people can not get rid of the subconscious! This, 1520 home network is very good, he put the advertisement on the article page on the right side, because his articles are mostly TV series like love 3000, according to the word paging words, to see the 1 TV drama to browse more than 5 pages.

for a long time and finally linked to their owners, and others, although only revealed to me a little bit. Ha ha! After all is new, I will help him under the

2. do Taobao. All the people around me who have been worth tens of millions have done Taobao, and many have not earned 1000W, but there is no doubt that as long as Taobao does not fail, it is only a matter of time.

4. the hero, I summed up some success or have been successful experience, put a chicken soup here, and continued the successful people have one thing in common, four words: blood forever.

I think he should study psychology and marketing

alimama issued a 1 "custom advertising advertising", can set up their own advertising



3. points, two stages. In the first stage, taking a risk and earning 300-600 is not a particularly big challenge. Second stages, conservative investment, value-added 5-10 times, is not a particularly big challenge.

! The last time the

know there is a problem on which the reliable method can earn 30 million in ten years? I believe buddies like brother and nine curious Internet entrepreneurs in the barbaric growth era, how to quickly build up the family fortunes


said visitors in the subconscious of the advertisement position have an impression, occasionally one day this advertisement appeared in other ads, I think everyone will go to see it, ha ha! Then the advertising will rise after all 0.9 yuan, is no longer so simple! Because this position effect is the best! Has hit the brand and popularity of

as the 1520 home network owners said: "do the marketing, for a newcomer, at the appropriate time should enlarge their value, but under certain conditions it is necessary to narrow their value."

in China, these are restricted by the law, but there are many products to meet the lust of men, such as "women’s cheats", to enhance the self-image products, adult interest products and so on. In fact, China’s hotel industry is also deeply profitable.

1. marries a wife with over 50 million of her family’s assets. At least you can think that 20% of you have belonged to you in the beginning.

in the 1520 home net page, I do not know what time there were 1 alimama to provide the most expensive advertising! I still feel his marketing ideas.

! Haha!

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