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I must become a businessman, a qualified network, see Alibaba, sh419, look at the campus network, see the station network, their success in the first, sh419 venture, started in the United States, the Alibaba to trade orders as an excuse to deceive the people, in stationmaster net tutorial, attracting millions of China webmaster the innovation of campus network SNS,.

the world’s richest breakthrough…

as a worker, I think I did not think too much of the good and bad, but I am not satisfied with the status quo, I hope I can become a real network, from August 2008 into the Guangzhou wholesale market network, I discovered that the original own previous knowledge of how much is the original small, for the network marketing have a lot of question, perhaps this is the reason why people always let me work in a company, in the company, that kind of learning motivation. To engage in their own construction site for nearly a year, but found their lack of ability is, do a few dozen websites the eyes of others, perhaps I think there will be some more or less memory, but I do not understand the economy, now is not a penny, I am poor. No, I was particularly poor in the world except me, no one will be poorer than me. I want that one.

regression we have the topic, in the TV series last hero and heroine and not difficult to hand into the marriage hall, but the main reason to break up with a white Formica together, would make you feel the hitherto unknown pressure, the pressure from various aspects. For example: when eating together, eating a meal is tens of thousands of, as a poor Cock silk can not afford. There is a white Formica with access to a variety of occasions when can let yourself feel the hurt, the status of the poor lead others watches and so on! All led to the final ending, even if there is no break up, then the day will not be happy. In the end of the drama, hand in hand into the marriage hall is a similar to the hero of the girl.

I am now in Guangzhou where the wholesale market network PF168 is a B2B type site, now also have to make a breakthrough, but is facing a similar problem, how to introduce venture capital, how to bring more profits, this is as a network operators have to consider the issue, every one of us is clearly, we do anything, can not be called a contribution only to what we want is a service, without obligation. Like the previous nine years of compulsory education in China recently realized, a long way, a little bit of perfect, like 80 after school, 90 the school is free,

I recently saw a film "big man" when mixed drama, I do like to have no love to watch movies and TV shows people should give this TV watching, felt it was too unbelievable! I don’t know if you have not seen the TV play, see after we have what feelings, but I watched the TV play a little small feeling a little bit! But this is not entirely to the whole drama, but only a short drama.

with this problem, I hope the business with seniors learning, exchange of knowledge in this area, if you are interested in discussing together. Welcome to add my :593779799 with me please attach " " network; and if a friend in Guangzhou to exchange, you can also go directly to the small pond.

as a network, how to use the new network as a breakthrough, the most practical content to attract and retain users, how to introduce venture capital through practice, how to use more return, this is the network, from 1997 to the present, the rapid development of the network, we are faced with is the flush information the brain, how to innovate, how to break through. How to choose the direction of SNS has been China popular, but for China, SNS involved in the field is very small, the time is short, how to use this new feature to achieve a breakthrough in.

e-businessmen, my goal is to be a network operators, network operators, do you want me to have that??

TV drama actor on the way to find a girlfriend, accidentally broke into a white Formica in the world, but the hero is a real grass root to the poor. Of course, this is a TV play, it is very false. And our real life people there will be a lot of people have been dreaming of you could find a white Formica as wife, so that you can be free to the plight of the poor. This is not the boast, perhaps those looking for white Formica or tall, rich and handsome people are not shown, but the heart most will have such an idea, but you may feel?

in today’s realistic society, people are not equal to people. The so-called equality is only after three, six, nine and so on. In China and even in the world, poor people can’t afford to eat poor steamed bread, while rich people are rich in oil and money has no place to spend. They may not even know how much money they can make each day, and how much they own. The poor yearn for the life of the rich, the rich may yearn for the plain life of the poor, the poor want to deal with the rich, while the rich look down upon the poor. This society is so realistic.


, you’ve been impatient for so long. Don’t worry. Now, let’s get down to business. It’s just a foreshadowing. Some people will begin to doubt, this has nothing to do with entrepreneurship, this does not have anything to do with entrepreneurship, but with entrepreneurial mentality, and ultimately the success of an indirect relationship. Let’s talk about the contacts! If we’re not what technology, no culture, no qualifications with high-level people together, they only tell you unworthy of a care. On the contrary, if we want more >

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