Graphics tutorial tells you how to choose a good Taobao productsHow far can you repeat websites

for example, the same product "whitening skin spring cream acne acne India" in May 2010 and June for 2 months, in the "white skin spring flagship store" and "white skin spring C shop", monthly sales are respectively 1000 and 2000, but when the show. "Fair skin spring flagship store display is 3000, and the" white skin spring ordinary C shop display is 2000. This advantage in the late more obvious.

low-level repetitions:




really successful webmaster, there is a blueprint in mind, have a long-term planning.


, do you have a look at China’s video sharing sites?



lowest level repetition:

, look at the Chinese Forums

repeats websites that people can’t always do! For example Witkey

low-level repetition:

through the above several drawings, I think acne should be a very suitable for promotion of products and worthy of our Taobao customers to do the project. Then, we should analyze the 3 elements from the previous one. Why should we think so?.

I don’t deduct commissions, but I encourage imitation. The starting point of imitation is not your opponent’s website, but your own thinking. Follow their own thinking to imitate other people’s Web site features and features, slowly, showing you in front of you is a new website, a new route.


, what’s your classified information network in China? The difference seems to be only ".Asp", ".Php", ".Html"".

2, unit price of product

even VC knows the top few in every field. Are you more stupid than VC?

regular repeats:

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,


more than 3 factors, I will slowly analysis, well, no nonsense, said, to promote Taobao customers, choose products is the key, and today we will "acne" products to do examples to illustrate. Let’s take a look at a set of data, first of all, of course, the sh419 index, look at the pictures, do not speak

selects a good Taobao product with 3 elements:

first: the product wants to sell well,

I agree with Tencent. It has its own way of thinking. It’s not random imitation. >

Chinese people are actually very smart, but why do you like the original copy of the site? In addition to the interface changes, the rest of the site is identical to the duplicated web site, or has only partial functionality of the duplicated web site.

first of all, we must make it clear that, on Taobao, the more hot products, the better the follow-up sale. The less sales, the more difficult it is to start. Secondly, Taobao mall stores than Taobao ordinary shops have advantages, because Taobao mall store is a cumulative history of sales, and ordinary shops are the last 30 days cumulative sales.

at the same time, there are various types of mandatory consumer protection measures and other congenital conditions, so the promotion of time to choose the mall than propaganda ordinary C shop. At present, Taobao mall stores have three categories: flagship stores, franchised stores, specialty stores, from the end of the shopkeeper’s ID can see out, while promoting the "acne" production money

, what about your blogs in China?

then Taobao keyword list: 2010-07-05 top5 million Taobao keyword on "acne" class keywords, the table in the Taobao community data class plate every week to download

repeats what other people are already running!


1, products to sell hot

repeats websites that people have been doing for a long time! Such as forums, categories,

you follow others, and finally you can only be led by the nose, walk, and others succeed, but you lose your way.

currently do API station has a lot of people doing, but the contents of a large number of duplicate API station is also not easy to be included and weight of sh419 also in a large area of the establishment of API Taobao station to clean up, so we are going to talk about today, is to do the skills in sub categories and single keyword.

, look… ..

comrades, you are usually very smart, and start the web site, where’s the brain? Why only repetition?! Repetition! Again?!

repeats that people already have a lot of websites to do very well! Such as blogs, podcasts,

a website is more than just websites, functions, and organizations. It also includes patterns, techniques, and operations. You can repeat other people’s functions and structures, but you can never repeat your ideas.

3, commission of the product



maybe you will feel this vocabulary is not authoritative, so we take the 2010-06-01 2010-06-30 Taobao data cube data to see, sorted according to the number of transactions, we can find that in the "facial" that a two grade classification, the number of transactions of keywords ranking in the top 8 of the transactions, "Acne" occupy 3.


so, do website, must be introverted, and can not be extroverted! Consider it for your own users. Don’t look at what others do. Fire! You do what!

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