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The annual meeting of the

Lei Jun said, millet should be touched by the hearts of the product, "I think if the brand does not have patience, it will get up easily, lose fast."."

about new product movement

means that buyers browse our baby, have the desire to buy, but not immediately buy, first collection, convenient, later easier to find this product to buy.

browsing times

"I don’t think that’s what I said. I believe that you have to rely on one product and one detail. I’ll show it to you day after day, year after year, bit by bit.". I think the artisan spirit of the epitaph is when I am dead, you think my life seriously do everything well, artisan spirit of the epitaph is when you die the tombstone, absolutely not today we boast of my heart, and we also know that our resources are limited. Our ability is limited, a lot of things done in my heart is also very anxious, not good enough. My personality is a perfectionist. I always see problems

one, popularity ranking analysis

Lei Jun

sales refer to the actual volume of transactions. We are not out of the brush, because there is a big difference between trading volume price out of the brush, must have a weekly or monthly turnover record, with a monthly turnover of IP recorded only once, but the actual transaction price of not less than 4/5 of the price of the baby.

"popularity" is ranked "extending all the baby" ranking, that is still based on the search term, as long as our baby in the title, with accurate keywords buyers search, our baby will have the opportunity to be displayed. Based on Taobao search display law, only the above one, "popularity" ranking and "search treasure" ranking display rule is the same, all follow the above search show.

on the activities, millet CEO Lei Jun site to do "millet tomorrow: new domestic movement" as the theme of the speech, the full text of tens of thousands of words, pick to light points, share to you ang

"I think we should think about it. You know, the essence of my domestic product problem is two problems: first, the efficiency is not high enough.". Second, the user experience is not good enough. In fact, this is the essence of our Internet industry, because the vast majority of Internet services are free, if this free service, we have the user experience is not good, we can not make money, nor retain people, the business how to continue? The traditional business is at least to me every single business is to make money, the Internet business is the first pay money, that I lost the first premise is the user can stay, even more fans. So, 6 years ago, I figured out the first big problem, first of all, to improve the efficiency of the whole commodity circulation. So, I want to use the method of electronic commerce to the circulation of commodities, in order to improve the efficiency of electronic commerce, we also set up shop factory, we make our own millet, sell, regardless of cost, we use cost pricing, we only need a few points of cost, operation cost is almost, we selling into the hands of the user, so we use this model to the millet network, in order to improve the efficiency of sales of goods. Looking back, we can concentrate all our energies on how to do the goods well. How can we do the design well, and how can we do it well?."


on artisan spirits

refers to a week visit to change baby stray, browse times without IP constraints, a IP browser >

why Taobao should default to popularity rankings? This is not going to break new sellers? It is not, the popularity ranking is more conducive to the selection of higher quality baby buyers in the shopping, we buy things on the Internet, but also the spirit of the baby the best shops let more sellers buy ideas, so the popularity ranking if we as a perfectly logical and reasonable, the store owner can not create a popular baby, then we open shop to go long road. So don’t complain about popularity, ranking is not to new sellers opportunities, as long as we are careful management, combined with effective methods, we can also in popularity ranking baby figure. The seller will complain a lot of heart to heart is the seller’s popularity ranking is not fair, regardless of the size of the shop, as long as there is no accumulation of popularity, is the same failure, the popularity ranking is only in the mind of consumers an ideal place, our shop is not open to consumers? So, don’t complain, since we are in the Taobao business, employment must be prepared to work hard, get along the direction of the development of Taobao. Popularity baby must be good baby? Undeniable, popularity baby is really good baby, they have the characteristics of sales, praise much. Only by consumers like products to achieve such an effect, if it is not popular baby good baby, then we need to train it to become popular baby.

two, factors affecting popularity ranking

business — the green company annual meeting, is being held in Ji’nan, which means a speech is being sent by a big wave of corporate bigwigs.

collection of popular

popularity ranking is based on "all baby" ranking in a complex ranking rules. From the consumer’s point of view, it is not difficult to find factors affecting Taobao popularity rankings, ranking in addition to pay attention to "all the baby" ranking factors window recommend, release time, consumer protection service, affecting the popularity ranking factors as well as the baby baby baby, sales, collection of views, store credit, shop favorable rate etc..

new products are the focus of Lei Jun speech, and its new product movement standard path is: 1 see what domestic products are not good enough; 2 dig a Japanese; 3 to sell new products to japan. Of course, the speech also mentioned the millet rice cooker recently flew a little.

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