With all the music music is about A5 over the course of development of science philosophy do stand

this article, the author from the perspective of their own development to tell about the development of Admin5, from which the author also learned to do stand philosophy. And a steady income. Some thanks to A5, and thanks to all the net friends who supported me.

first author in the beginning of the beginning of the station, only know that they do stand, as if to do the station is to do for themselves, how to do their own pleasure, how to do, completely from the point of view of users do not consider the problem. As you can imagine, my stop is finally going to fail. If I am in this initial state of mind to do the station, which is most suitable for me to do my own blog station?. Because blogging stations do it for themselves.

later second time do the station, learned the website to link, to face customer experience, so I began to write soft wen. Remember the first time I wrote a soft text, I read a network article, said how to increase the chain, then see start writing soft wen. I usually like some literature, so write some soft text, the problem is not big. So I began to search can write the soft Wen station, at that time the first search, I was into the < webmaster net >. At that time, the word ranked first, not A5, but China station. So I think China station is better than A5, so he put both in the China station registered users began to write text, the first soft or I spent more time, finished in China station released. Original article, original idea. I would like to write second days later to see their soft post release what kind of mood, the United States and the United States feeling. Let me not expect is, China Adsense station for no reason to me this article to delete, and was really angry. China Webmaster Station to my original article to delete, and there is no notice, really do not respect the results of the net friend.

so the second day, I put the original soft text in A5 registered an account released, the night A5 released to me, and there are many reprinted. I was in a good mood. Your efforts are not in vain. Later, the author released A5, not only face the net friend’s soft Wen responsible. But also allow users to bring their own web site link. This should be said to drive a lot of A5 soft hair pen pal brings greater enthusiasm. And this is in other stationmaster station inside, I temporarily did not discover. Now more and more original articles on a5. Popularity is also growing. Now in Baidu input chain word, A5 can row first. I suddenly wake up to, the original idea of A5 is to let more in net friend in A5 get their own things, just achieved today’s a5.

so do stand, put a good attitude. Not only for myself, but for others, service to society, is the site recognized by everyone, this is A5, and the philosophy of music, music or music alone, at last, the author proposed? Your station: http://s.1880f.com

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