Wang Guoyang analysis of the web site in foreign countries can not open the principle

determines how fast or slow a web site is open, depending on the following factors:

1. The size of the page content;

pages include text, product pictures (static, dynamic), videos, Flash files, and so on. This involves the browser browser technology principle, principle is to "download to the customer the local cache, then through the browser to parse the source code, users can compile the browser window to normal reading pictures and text, so the page file size determines the net station can be quickly opened.

two, the minimum bandwidth of the network

The bandwidth of the

network consists of two positions, the contact point and the client side. The docking point refers to the terminal and the entrance side (such as the docking point of the Telecom to the Netcom), and the other is the client’s own minimum bandwidth;

The time spent in parsing

three and DNS:

includes spent times and each time the analytical analysis of travel, they are both the product of DNS (DNS) is the time consumed; therefore, many people ignore the problem of DNS, in fact, DNS is also very important to website parsing speed.

four, server and client machine configuration:

includes hardware configuration of the server and client, the same network environment, some core server computing power definitely stronger, no doubt; the same network environment, you use a machine Celeron dual core processor and Pentium four computer, open the same page, speed, certainly not the same.

composite above four points, you can get the following page access to the total time formula:


is calculated from the above we can see that the reduced web time by increasing the network bandwidth, but note that the bottlenecks in the network is not necessarily the access point of the user, which is likely to be the docking point between different network operators.

downloads the same page for the same user. The first item is the ratio of the size of the page to the minimum bandwidth of the network. Third time refers to the processing ability of the PC server and the user, the load changes with the web server, so the server processing capacity of the site is stronger, the response time will be relatively better, under the same conditions, the formula second will have a significant impact on response time. The server processing time in this is basically the same now.

and what we can do is try to reduce DNS cost in analytical process in time, because only shorten between network and users distance is one of the most effective methods to improve the access speed of the user to access the content to the place closest to the user, allowing them to access as access to local.

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