My view on how to build an excellent local website

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, a team,

maybe you think you are tough enough, proficient in all kinds of skills, familiar with all kinds of operations, but in fact, you can not take into account both procedures, art, updates and data collection, it will put you dead tired, remember, you have only one hand,.

so we need a team, how many people are a team, two, ten, or twenty?

if you start not span, then you only need two or three person enough, perhaps a team of two is the best, Microsoft, Google, youtube, the founder of the example, but this is China! I think the combination of the three is the initial combination, best evidence is? Two heads are better than one.

but the most important thing is that no matter how many people, everyone should one team one dream (Olympic Committee don’t tell me), destined to start later in the huaiguitai defeat foreshadowed.

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a group of users

sees the people in the group, BBS, who have great ambitions for local websites. Their opinions are generally as follows:

— I’m going to make a local XXX station. What do you think,


— make money at the local XXX station,


— online XXX has been hot these days, and I’ve decided to get a local XXX station,.

you follow the news, you grasp the trend, you optimistic about the direction, which laid the content, channel, everything is. But most probably it did not actually happen you have asked that your customers, your boss, your God, your local

user who?

as a tourist station, are you familiar with the tour route? The customers who go to travel choose those routes. If someone is prepared to travel, how can you guide them to your website?

Do you know the

mobile phone, mobile phone? You know the local consumption, as well as local people love that kind of mobile phone? Those who are ready to buy a mobile phone, what the mobile phone portal and choose to give up your website? Just because you are a local


remember, your website is for users, you need to know them, copy their roles, and know their needs,.

an area

has talked about the importance of the area in front of the user, now to the importance of localization. In addition to considering the local users, the regional difference is also a stumbling block.

" local " let your attention be localized

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