Optimize your life

e-commerce website research has been for some time, including the site’s program development, member registration process, online order process, online payment process and online distribution process. Read a lot of books, read a lot of cases, feel that these business processes in the business site, there are many places need to be optimized.

talked about the optimization of the website. When I first contacted the network, few companies didn’t pay much attention to it, and few customers knew that the website needed to be optimized. Today, people born in 60s, as long as the site, there are many know about website optimization knowledge.

more and more people know the website optimization, but there are more and more people also need to be optimized? Many successful people, entrepreneurs, I think they made their life optimization very well, optimization about life, I have the following experience point:

first of all, the timing optimization, reasonable arrangement of time. We are all in the race against time, and we all hope to do something in our lifetime.

is followed by the emotional mood of the optimization optimization, I think it is a very important thing, because no matter how rich people, or people who have money, always more or less some emotions, with the increase of age, the mood is more and more, the emotion affect our life and work, which I have to use reason to overcome the emotional looking for a self-motivated, for their own reasons.

again is to optimize the work on their own, how many people know what they have to do what? No? What, what to do? Perhaps some many of them know, but who know how to achieve their goals? This is probably a lot of people are headache, face effect the face of natural disasters, and national policy in the face of the financial crisis and so on, in order to achieve their goals, we may be in the negative, perhaps complaining, perhaps to find excuses for yourself, perhaps very hard but in the detours, we all take to optimize their work now, do their own thing. To less detours, and ultimately achieve their goals in life.

on the optimization of life, I simply cite examples, better way, but also hope to study with you.

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