Community 3 opens the golden key to the O2O gate

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talked about O2O for 2 or 3 years, and O2O has been on fire for over a year now. How much money has been made in O2O? Many are burning money. In full swing. A lot of money to do business, do promotion, do investment, the results are lost. Some people will certainly say: investment, entrepreneurial success is a small probability of taking a million events. But it can not be denied that China’s entrepreneurial success rate is one of the 5 in the United states. Apart from what national conditions policy, I see more entrepreneurs, investors are too easy to get excited, not rational. All too crowd, a person threw, other investors must have bee surge up. A project has been thrown, and other entrepreneurs must be even more frenzied… O2O so, the application market is so, mobile phone applications are so, mobile game is even more so… .

, I did O2O 1 years ago. O2O difficult to understand. At the same time, we need to solve many problems of user promotion, merchant promotion and platform construction. If someone boasts, it’s very easy to do O2O directly. Then I won’t believe it. Say O2O is easy to do, it is to spend the money of investor, do poineering work.

investors spend money to start the business, and then hit the market, smashing promotion, smashing marketing, expansion and expansion of the team, operating costs increased by an increase. Group buying in 2011 fire a year, many years have fallen. Most of the investment capital, now mix well, are not desperately throwing money, fight for money are closed. Here is a classic case of tears: 24 tickets.

entrepreneurship in China, any concept of fire, there must be bloody cases. Bloody because, the flowers are investor money, and then do a low-cost entrepreneurial work, the lack of rational, completely normal. Spend the money to you, do a general thing, after whom the blood light a flame. At present, the Internet business is too cruel, cruel is money, contacts in the background, flame out on, not rich handsome, not to venture. No channels, no contacts, no ability to eat mixed mixed drink, talking about the sea, you have to start? Who take their money to start a business? – is that the author, with their own money business, so cherish the opportunity, good work, eliminate waste


, look at the fog, look at the future: entrepreneurship, community 3, don’t worry about how much money you have in your pocket. As long as you are willing to do, want to do, have a little idea, mobile phone can access the Internet, OK! Community 3 is the key to open the O2O door!

!3 of the

community is what? I have to give a definition to Shen Zhang: special purpose, attributes, people together, can make more people to participate in whenever and wherever possible, human interaction, group performance, group connection (human human, human -, – Business) public mobile phone application software.

said a good mouthful! Simply, 3 community, is a group of people interact with mobile phone application. What are the cases in the community? Primary school, junior high school, high school, University, vocational school, secondary school, this group of students, even the school itself, is a society

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