Watercress ten years in this still does not see the poetry and gas from China

in 2005, a man named Yang Bo started a website and named it "watercress".

ten years has passed, now, watercress still exists, and in a noisy, the Internet to stand alone in desolation, with high cold attitude on the sidelines, read all banbangege, ups and downs. She watched the happy net building, he saw the building collapsed; saw micro-blog had also witnessed, he fell into the abyss; witness a generation rise to dominance of WeChat, also pay attention to the survival of the fittest unfamiliar street. However, no matter how noisy outside, watercress he still lived in a leisurely manner their life, as if the world things are illusory, all the ups and downs of Mo Guanji.

unfortunately, my gaze toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch, watercress quiet and delicate and not for the era of favor, but no one waiting time to rush, watercress, Yang Bo and his bean, the first to feel the terrible loneliness.

watercress, the odd woman

if the Internet Co is anthropomorphic, watercress Wonderwoman bit marie.

it’s a pity she’s been in the wrong times.

wants to catch up with watercress, requires patience, perseverance, need more excellent quality, high threshold setting will be a large number of followers rejected, but more embarrassing is that a full range of watercress or multi girl hobby, film music, reading and writing, dating life, corporate parties, a wide range of hobbies make every netizens have the opportunity in the watercress to find their own value. They wrote down a film review in the watercress film. They spent the lonely night in the company of FM. They searched for their partners in the city, and they met like-minded friends in the group. Watercress, is like a coffee shop in the downtown area, in which all kinds of people to hum song dance. Everyone quietly come, go quietly, do not ask for a return, but leave a house full of wealth.

this is watercress, a special world different from the world, she will UGC model interpretation to the extreme, with ten years of quiet precipitation of countless virtual wealth, until today is still the case.

watercress or that watercress, but the times have long been different, ten years of spring and autumn, has been turned upside down.

one day morning, when watercress as usual opened the door, found the opposite built a new house, then is the cinema, KTV, is the commercial center, once the guest appearance frequency is more and less, more often, digital customer bored to pass the time on idle at.

The rapid development of the Internet

Chinese watercress is unexpected, and the rise of the mobile Internet gives her accustomed to thinking of a head-on blow, slowly slowly do watercress was dragged into the blood, but that has not yet learned to swim. The original large category system is less than Post Bar reading group, crush one by one, see more things lost, nine city at an end, the core audio book is BAT the army hit all a hideous mess.

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