P from zero to ten thousand and share your own station experience

has been a station for over a year, and because of the movie station itself, I share with you how I managed to make my station from zero IP to 10 thousand IP.

I believe in 10 thousand IP of stationmaster of a lot of old bird is not a difficult task, I write all the purpose of this article is to let the couple have to take a little detour, I would like to also provide us with this platform to know more webmaster friends. All right! Let’s get to the point! Ha ha, ~~


first of course is to find someone to do the friendship, do not underestimate this link, and now I stand a day almost 1000 IP from friendship connection, all we find more diligent people do connection are actually useful Oh ~ ~

then login to some web sites, there are Baidu, GG ~ ~ actually, Baidu does not include my station, in fact, it doesn’t matter, to tell you the truth, the movie stand by Baidu, a little unreliable. Hehe, if fortunate enough to be included in Baidu you can choose some popular keywords do a long tail, like title can be used to drive the long tail keywords less popular popular keywords, then of course you hardworking often update their site, the movie title and introduction is best to change it yourself and isn’t this acquisition, Baidu will slowly love your station. These things although it sounds simple but really can do a few stationmaster ~ ~ we love or acquisition ~ ~ (*^__^*)

in fact, a large part of the film station, the main source of traffic should be the exchange chain, although the quality of the exchange chain is now uneven, but still some good. The exchange chain practices a lot, you can buy some traffic injection into their own web site, use other flow alliance will flow fully use up, play a role in drawing inferences from others. Choose to add some movies such as leleso.com, opopp.com, biyici.cn alliance are also a good movie station, the exchange rate basically can reach more than 1:2 but leleso and biyici included the effect of slow a bit, though the swap chain integration in different hands do much worse this effect is often the main reason is the code and website. Can be difficult to distinguish between true and false then on the perfect (*^__^*)

In a

is through forums and blogs, the effect is pretty good, you can go to the famous stations (such as Sina News) to apply for a blog to see what keywords recent hot add what in my blog and then doing when guiding the flow into his own station, of course the best is to point better, or may be a little oh ~~

neither fish nor fowl

to tell you the truth, now many webmaster do stand is not sink down to do, too impetuous. In fact, there are many online methods are good methods, but often many webmaster like to question and rarely practice, some seemingly complex and stupid approach is often the best way

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