Ever wonder if your website will change the visitor’s life


, what a familiar name, this is an article title in my friend’s QQ space.

good, familiar, familiar. Where did you meet?


I’m sure. I must have seen the name".

and not like the ones on the street and one MM.

lit a cigarette and was lost in thought…. I searched every corner of my brain’s memory.


smoke half, I immediately start pretty, after puffed a cigarette thrown into the ashtray.

spits out slowly… Spit out not only smoke, but also the hearts of regrets…

is ~ ~ "tingyuxuan", I have seen. Not only three words I have ever seen, but also changed the three words "my life road tingyuxuan"

about 01 years, that’s when I first got into touch with the internet.

was curious about the Internet at that time and didn’t know anything. I was not adult then.

is playing in the Internet bar all those single game games that look very childish all the time. I didn’t even use QQ at that time.

until one day, I accidentally came to a web site called "tingyuxuan".

at that time, I think the best looking website is "tingyuxuan", elegant and warm.

also from that day, "tingyuxuan" changed my life, since then rarely play the game.

I bought a lot of books about websites, newspapers and magazines.

at that time, I like to watch "computer enthusiasts" because he sends CDs behind, and there are many materials inside. Ha ha,

watched more than a month of HTML tutorials. Watching and doing, and at last I drew a stage out of the form.

I dream, I can also have a "tingyuxuan" to that site.

so my first station name is called "dream Xuan network"

to do that station, I curse to my family.

for more than a month, I used dial-up Internet access, the phone list shows more than 1600.

my mother to pay the phone bill, then call my dad, my dad talked to me on the phone, I come back to PA ten skin ~~~

, but it was worth it. My family looked at the expense list and looked at my little station. Finally, the family voted to support me, ~~

so, I love the monthly I also continue to improve my web site. With "tingyuxuan" as the goal.

time lost, until now, although I do not do website technology work, but always >

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