Enter the website to optimize this industry for 04 years with deep emotion

04 years I just graduated two years, on the Internet at an absolutely ignorant of, just to find a job in mind, a website editor entered Beijing Wangzhicheng network (www.bjwzc.net) technology service center. This is one of Beijing’s earliest network marketing services company. The company is in the marketing center, website optimization ideas and experience is one of the best in the country.

I never heard the word SEO or website optimization, not only for me, 04 years of the Internet, this industry is not on fire, a few people concern in Chinese, most people have never heard of. The network company has ten or nine site production company, some services written in the website optimization or website promotion, Baidu is opening bid, Sohu, Sina promotion agency, now believe that there are a large network of services is the contents of this page.

company has developed so far, the biggest feeling for me is that work is often the only way to laugh until the end. The company’s development cannot do without the customer support service at the beginning of the business is difficult to run, the majority of customers on the Internet or network marketing understanding is only Baidu’s bid, but the real sign orders made after a period of time, basically all the customers we have a deeper understanding of the previous month all in the bidding spend thousands of businesses, now in the company to do service a year to thousands, and more words, even before the unexpected word row up, and data update, the foreign forum, business and other relevant published work all by our system work, and even some enterprises decisively removed your network department. Customer recognition, proved that the industry, the importance of this service, but also to strengthen the company’s future direction.

this service for understanding early, early start makes us very quickly in the Beijing area to expand the scale, customer leads to the increase in the number of employees, the company vigorously cultivate professional website optimization, I was one of them. Now, I have already been able to afford the service of the large department of the company. Of course, the level of technology is no longer what we didn’t understand before. A few days ago calculated, from the company’s website to the customer’s site has not touched a hundred, the whole station has obvious optimization effect of the case, a single keyword ranking service case, they have some count, have a wealth of experience, these are, training and professional inseparable the.

below is the report of the China Internet newspaper on the company’s first collection of planning, production, optimization, promotion, marketing in one of the web site nanny services


network link address is: http://s.ccvic.com/news/a13/2007/1025/071025133416KC6589K648I88BF9E82D.shtml

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