How to use SEO and Baidu bidding for better promotion

let me explain. I’m not a Baidu.

, I’m a new woman station owner. I used to be a clerk, and now I’m in charge of promoting the company’s website. However, from the company’s last month’s income, I summed up a reason, SEO and Baidu bidding can use each other.

our company is doing the car modification, there are more than 2000 products, so the key words are many, every day I choose keywords and trouble, do not know which keywords popular, also do not know which keywords conversion rate is high, so it is difficult to set the direction of the site.

then I came up with this method, if you want to know a keyword that heat is not hot, can be reflected by the bidding Baidu! As I do today a "Qashqai decoration" Guan Jian word auction, it ranked first in Baidu, a few days can know a day on average how many points then, I can know whether the word optimization by SEO. Why should I do this? Because the high cost of bidding, ranking is short-term, SEO, then ranking can be longer, so try to use SEO optimization.

if I want to know if a keyword bidding expensive, it is worthwhile to do PPC, I can through the SEO optimization, such as optimization ranking to second pages with thirty click on the first day, I can probably know that on the first page of the first name should have three hundred click.

this principle is very simple, we should see at a glance, I will not say more here. In this way, our company’s sales have doubled, ha ha,





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